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net zero solutions Australia and New Zealand

Bupa Aged Care – Efficiency Savings

Case Study: Ecosave Energy Savings Project – Bupa Aged Care

Bupa Aged Care saves without disruption to its operations

As part of their 2020 sustainability vision, Bupa has a strong commitment to minimising the environmental impact of their operations, concentrating particularly on their use of energy, waste disposal, water discharges and land management. Bupa had committed to reduce their carbon footprint by 20% by 2015 and 30% by 2020.

With this vision and ambitious goals in place, Australia’s largest private operator of residential aged care facilities, joined forces with Ecosave – Australia’s largest independent ESCO (Energy Services Company) to achieve these goals.

Ecosave’s Energy Management team were first engaged to complete a trial at the Dural (NSW), Berwick (Vic) and Caulfield (Vic) sites which have resulted in significant CO2-e and monetary savings.
Ecosave has since completed guaranteed energy savings projects across 57 facilities in regional and metropolitan NSW, VIC and Queensland.
Establishing a close relationship with the staff at the Bupa facilities has ensured that the work was performed with sensitivity to operations and the Aged Care residents.

Energy savings solutions that were implemented include:

  • Lighting replacement and refurbishment
  • Lighting controls
  • Boiler optimisation
  • Energy efficient lighting controls
  • Lighting voltage reduction and optimisation
  • Building monitoring
  • Solar hot water
  • HVAC optimisation
  • Appliance controls
  • Energy management
  • Solar PV
  • Utility management
  • Bill verification
  • Nano technology
  • Building sealing

Ecosave have identified and implemented cost effective, energy efficiency projects at Bupa sites across NSW, VIC and QLD. We were impressed with Ecosave’s professionalism and knowledge of all aspects of energy efficiency and that the projects were implemented on time and without disruption to Bupa’s operations.

Gabriel Chang, Property Services Manager Bupa Care Services Australia