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Bupa Aged Care – Procurement & Utility Management

Case Study: Ecosave Energy Procurement & Utility Management – Bupa Aged Care

Bupa saves $2.1M in energy costs with Energy Procurement and Utility Management Cost initiatives

Bupa is a leading operator of residential aged care facilities and health care internationally. In Australia and New Zealand, Bupa is one of the largest providers of residential aged care and health care to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Electricity is a major spend across Bupa’s portfolio with an estimated 316 sites and a total energy spend of approximately $6m per annum. There is an estimated 107 current suppliers, 70 of these are embedded network providers.

To improve data capture, bill checking, energy procurement and reporting, Ecosave is delivering an Energy Procurement strategy together with an ongoing Utility Management Service.

Energy Procurement Savings

The first step in this process was to conduct a large site tender to reduce the number of suppliers and improve data collection procedures. This is followed by a small sites tender process. This initial procurement process realised savings of $800k, including $500k from the repeal of the Carbon Tax.

Savings from the energy procurement initiatives commenced November 2014 and include;

  • $690,000 in large site electricity costs ($500k is due to the carbon repeal
  • $100,000 in small site electricity and natural gas
  • $10,000 per annum in metering costs and improvements in access to date

Utility Management Savings

The focus of our utility management services are to provide savings by checking the usage, rates and tariffs on each energy bill. This checking process realised $432k in savings in only 5 months! The following summarises the savings.

Savings Savings in 2014 ($)
Identified 12 sites on incorrect tariffs


Negotiated for late fees to be dropped with new short term contract


Negotiated short term contracts to avoid default rates


Total to date


Utility Management

Ecosave’s Utility Management services deliver many benefits to our clients, from cost savings, to access to real time energy management data.

We utilise the energy data we collate on the clients behalf to provide as many benefits as possible, including;

  • Strategy
  • Tenders
  • Bill Processing
  • Monitoring
  • Bill Validation
  • Contract and Market Advice

At Bupa we believe that we can enable people to make positive changes to improve their health and protect our environment. Partnering with Ecosave means we are on our way to achieving these targets.

Ecosave takes a holistic approach to energy conservation, combining a number of energy services into an integrated energy savings solution, including guaranteed energy savings projects, utility management / bill management and validation, energy procurement and energy advisory services.