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Class A Office Space

Case Study: Ecosave Inc. Building Automation and Energy Savings Project – Class A Office Space

Ensuring economic and environmental sustainability

This client, an international organisation with over 50 locations worldwide, had the goal to be carbon neutral by 2012. It has a major campus in Princeton, NJ in need of energy efficiency upgrades and energy management to improve employee comfort and reduce overall energy use.

Ecosave Inc was chosen as the building automation controls partner to upgrade the campus to a web-based Automated Logic Building Automation System (BAS). The project encompassed four buildings and allowed the company to improve its ranking on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

As a result of a successful energy saving track record, Ecosave Inc has worked on projects at additional sites throughout the US.

The energy savings solutions that have been implemented at this campus are:

  • Both comfort level and energy usage are being measured and verified at each level of building operations: central cooling plant, air handling systems, and each occupant zone thermostat.
  • A series of dynamic reset control algorithms continuously balance the comfort needs of the occupants with the optimisation of energy consumption by the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting systems.
  • Airflow is regulated in each occupant zone with the use of highly efficient Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) and ventilation airflow is reset based on the actual mix of outside air in the system.
  • Through the BAS, air and water systems utilize integrated temperature and static reset based on real-time zone load requirements. Also, demand control ventilation is implemented in high occupancy zones to insure that CO2 levels are minimised without impacting nearby occupant zones and their energy usage.
  • A lighting upgrade was performed by an outside contractor for this project. Ecosave Inc will be a full service provider moving forward.