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Community Centre US

Case Study: Ecosave Energy Services Agreement – Community Centre, USA

Community centre saves energy & replaces building equipment without capital or debt

A community centre in the USA is cutting energy costs by more than a third with the help of Ecosave Inc, an energy services company with an innovative approach to building upgrades and energy savings projects.

The centre houses function rooms, exercise space, swimming pools and offices. The customer needed to replace failing equipment but they also wanted to save energy and reduce operating costs in a way Ecosave offered the right solution in the Ecosave Services Agreement (ESA) a comprehensive array of fully funded upgrades with ongoing energy management and maintenance services, packaged together as a service agreement and paid for out of the savings it generates.

For a zero dollar capital outlay and no debt, the community centre received $1.5m in building upgrades and nearly $200,000 per year in operational savings.

The energy savings are guaranteed and the customer uses these savings to cover the monthly service fee, which is geared to be less than the operational savings achieved – resulting in a cash flow positive arrangement from day one.

For an annual fee $144,794, the following services have generates $193,165 in annual savings:

  • Replacement of 60 heat pumps with high efficiency models.
  • Installation and optimization of a new Building Automation System.
  • Installation of Ecosave Watch, an analytics, dashboard and reporting software platform that manages energy and will continuously drive down energy consumption.
  • Refurbishment and replacement of light fixtures to improve efficiency and light quality.
  • Installation of voltage reduction units to save energy consumed by car park lights.
  • Installation of lighting and appliance controls to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Ecosave’s Energy Management Service whereby Ecosave engineers constantly monitor and analyse the building and provide regular reports and phone meetings to discuss ways to drive consumption down further
  • Comprehensive mechanical and building controls maintenance services on installed equipment.


These services generate $193,165 annual savings, resulting in $48,371 net customer savings.