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Constitution Health Plaza achieves energy savings without capital outlay or debt

Case Study: Constitution Health Plaza.

Investing in energy efficiency and equipment upgrades has resulted in significant capital cost avoidance and energy savings for Constitution Health Plaza, a multi-purpose medical campus.

Ecosave Inc. was asked to provide a holistic and all-encompassing solutions to improve energy efficiency as well as address maintenance repairs and replacement of ageing and end of life equipment. Ecosave developed a $1.87 million package of energy conservation measures that consisted of replacing existing end of life air handling units and bundling it with several energy conservation measures. This energy savings project had been designed to be cash flow positive, meaning that the annual costs are less than the annual savings achieved.

Our aged facility has been efficiently modernised with the immense energy savings paying for the considerable upgrades we have received. The cost to us has been nothing. Bravo Ecosave!

– Cesca Locurcio, General Manager and SVP Construction, Constitution Health Plaza

Constitution Health Plaza had no need to outlay capital or go into debt in order to invest in plant or facility upgrades given that this particular energy savings project was delivered through an Ecosave Services Agreement. The agreement is a mechanism whereby energy savings are delivered as a service – for a  fee – and the equipment upgrades are owned and maintained by Ecosave Inc. under a long term performance-based energy savings contract. Under this arrangement, clients such as Constitution Health Plaza, did not require any capital expenditure or go into debt to receive energy-efficient equipment upgrades.

The structure of the agreement was geared to be cash flow positive, meaning that the savings generated for Constitution Health Plaza are greater than Ecosave’s services fee. Constitution Health Plaza not only achieves savings of 30% every year, but their reduced annual operational expenses pays for Energy as a Services Agreement. The savings are guaranteed under the terms of the agreement with incentives for Ecosave to find and deliver additional savings.

Ecosave designed and installed the energy conservation solutions and continuously monitors and maintains all the equipment in addition to ongoing energy management services.

The energy conservation solutions and ongoing energy management services implemented at Constitution Health Plaza:

  • LED Lighting upgrades
  • New Air Handling Units
  • New Building Automation Systems
  • Installation of New Variable Frequency Drives
  • Pumping Optimisation
  • Steam Trap Replacements
  • Ecosave Watch, retro commissioning, and plant wide controls optimisation

Ecosave had seamlessly upgraded and integrated the central utility plant at this facility with minimal disruption to operations.