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9,184 TONNES

EAGA Case Study: Six Energy Performance Contracts for Councils in Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action

Councils in Melbourne’s East Partner with Ecosave for Energy Performance Contracting Projects to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Client Overview

The Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA) is a formal collaboration of eight Councils in Melbourne’s east, working together on regional programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and facilitate regional adaptation.

Challenges & Objectives

EAGA recently embarked on a joint Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) program – the first of its kind in the Australian Local Government sector.

Through working together in a joint process, EAGA Councils’ objectives are to:

  • Streamline market engagement process through a single Expression of Interest (EOI) and Request for Quotation (RFQ) process
  • Generate sufficient scale to attract more responses from interested ESCOs
  • Capture cost savings through reduced project management fees and costs associated with the Detailed Feasibility Study (DFS) and Monitoring and Verification (M&V) stages
  • Generate implementation efficiencies through information sharing across participating Councils

What happened

EAGA members Yarra Ranges, Maroondah, Boroondara, Whitehorse and Knox initiated the EPC process.

  • Ecosave completed Detailed Facility Studies (DFSs) at 38 buildings across 5 councils
  • Ecosave’s DFS submissions were accepted by all five Councils and formal Energy Performance Contract (EPC) agreements were signed
  • A DFS for Monash council was submitted in 2020 and the EPC is awaiting Council approval
  • Ecosave has completed EPCs for Yarra Ranges, Maroondah and Boroondara councils
  • Ecosave is currently implementing EPCs for Whitehorse and Knox City Councils

EAGA members

The types of facilities that were investigated and solutions implemented across all Councils and EPCs.

  • Heritage listed Town Hall buildings
  • Community Centres
  • Learning Centres
  • Sports complex, gyms and health clubs
  • Aquatic Centres, heated pools, change rooms, storage rooms
  • Theatres
  • Museums
  • Art Centres, Galleries

Ecosave implemented the following Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)


  • Site wide LED light upgrades across most buildings including general lighting, pool hall lighting, Gallery lighting, stage lighting and Chandeliers
  • Lighting refurbishments & re-lamping
  • Lighting controls

Solar PV

  • 1.2 MW Total Capacity of Rooftop Solar PV installed across 21 Council buildings – ranging from 14kW – 230kW in size.

HVAC & Mechanical

  • Boiler replacements with high efficiency condensing boilers
  • Chiller Replacement with high-efficiency technology
  • Pool pump Variable Speed Drives (VSDs); installed on chilled and heating water pumps
  • New package units with high-efficiency compressor, refrigerant and fans
  • HVAC replacements with economy cycle
  • HVAC refurbishments to run better on the economy cycle
  • Replacement of Air Conditioning Unit and Air Handling Units (AHU)
  • Supply Air Fan (SAF) upgrades


  • Voltage regulation units (VRUs)
  • Power factor correction Units
  • Overnight base load reduction

BMS & Analytics

  • Installation of new Building Management Systems
  • General fine tuning of buildings via BMS analytics
  • BMS recommissioning and programming
  • Connection of pool pump VSDs to BMS allows for pumps to run on variable load

Building Fabric

  • Apply Window film to reduce solar heat gain
  • New pool blank systems for heat insulation and safety

EAGA and its member councils have a proud history of delivering significant climate mitigation initiatives, both at the regional scale and individual council level. Since 2012, EAGA initiatives have saved over 22,000 tonnes of greenhouse emissions in councils and the community. This is forecast to increase to over 56,000 tonnes by 2021 through projects currently being delivered.”


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