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1,006 TONNES

East Gippsland Water EPC

East Gippsland Water (EGW) is a regional water authority in the east west of Victoria servicing an area of 231,000sqm in diverse country. EGW contracted Ecosave to deliver Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) services in 2014 for a water and energy efficiency project across 14 key sites. The 14 key sites addressed by the EPC include 3 wastewater treatment plants,
a number of water pumping sites and EGW’s Depot and Head Offices.

Each site offered their own set of intricacies that required a careful and measured approach to implementing any Energy Conservation Measure (ECM). A sound understanding of the operational impacts associated with their implementation along with maintaining open lines of communication with key personnel were integral to the success of these installations.

Ecosave’s mechanical and electrical engineers designed and implemented a range of energy saving solutions specific to each site including a number of controls, sensors, lighting upgrades and renewable power generation systems.

The Energy Conservation Measures implemented across East Gippsland Water include:

  • Variable Speed drives (VSDs)
  • Solar Aerators.
  • Reprogramming VSD’s
  • Pump replacements and reconfiguration
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Refurbishment of inefficient lighting
  • Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)

Pumps ranging from 20kW to 200kW at some key water pumping stations were replaced with smaller more efficient models and new pumping regimes were implemented. More than 280 High efficiency LED light fittings with integrated controls were retrofitted at EGW’s Depot, head office and water treatment plants. Large scale and small-scale roof and ground mounted Solar PV were also installed at the five largest sites to maximise savings.

The energy savings resulting from these ECMs will help EGW achieve a 7-year payback on the $4 million project. The savings are guaranteed throughout the term of the EPC contract with Ecosave Watch monitoring and verifying savings to date.

The pumps are running fine, we have had no issues with them since commissioning. Ecosave and the guys installing were very professional and did a great job

Frank Mc Shane, Operationa Manager EGW