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Ecosave Watch – Kador Group / Kamirice: Data-driven Energy Management No.1 Eden Park Drive

Data driven energy management cuts energy usage by 36% at No.1 Eden Park, improves NABERS rating to 4.2 stars from 1.5 baseline

Commercial Case Study: Number 1 Eden Park is a commercial building owned by Kamirice and managed by DJ Wear, prominently situated in Macquarie Park business district 14 km northwest of Sydney, NSW. The building is a modern, functional and flexible work space 7,662.6sqm in size. Kamirice wanted an energy services company (ESCO) who could help them to reduce energy consumption, reduce operational costs and most crucially increase their building’s NABERS rating which was previously 1.5 stars.

Kamirice engaged the services of Ecosave in April 2014, where Ecosave Watch analysed their building’s energy and equipment data, identified issues, technical faults and opportunities for improved performance and operational savings. The solutions that Ecosave Watch have implemented in addition to the ongoing energy management service has resulted in an increase to NABERS rating, from 1.5 to 4.2 stars.

Ecosave Watch Solutions

  • Utility bill analysis and building monitoring over a 12-month period to establish baseline performance.
  • Building analytics: integration of Ecosave Watch (building analytics and energy management platform) with the Building Management System; including analysis and interpretation to identify faulty equipment and operational inefficiencies.
  • Building tuning: set point adjustments to sensors, controls and time-clocks:
    • Identified faulty time clocks that resulted in inconsistent condenser water usage outside of occupied hours.
    • Adjusted supply air temperatures to reduce cooling load.
    • Reduced run hours of car park lighting.
    • Commissioned demand-based control of car park fans.
  • Monthly Energy Management Reports:
    • Provides visibility of energy usage and performance.
    • Quick response notification of uncharacteristic energy consumption with causes and recommended solutions.
    • Dedicated Ecosave Watch Engineer as energy management partner- turning data into actionable intelligence.
  • Monthly Review Meetings: Ecosave meet every month with Kamirice to discuss energy usage, savings opportunity, abnormalities and actions taken.

total electricity consumption graph

As a direct outcome of the data-driven energy management powered by Ecosave Watch, No.1 Eden Park now consumes 36% less electricity: over 500,000 KWh (or 500 MWh) reduction in electricity usage. Kamirice not only benefits by the significantly reduced energy costs and improved NABERS ratings of No.1 Eden Park, but also through Ecosave Watch’s ongoing monitoring and energy management reporting solution that gives Kamirice complete visibility of energy usage and performance as well as opportunities for energy efficiency optimisation.