Potential Savings


1,376 GJ



Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre's Modern Domestic Hot Water System Design Embraces
De-Gasification, Efficiency Savings, and Emissions Reduction


Along with other Council members of The Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA), Monash City Council has a proud history of delivering significant climate mitigation initiatives, both at the regional scale and individual council level. In 2020, Monash City Council (Council) committed to working towards becoming carbon neutral, with a target of zero net corporate greenhouse gas emissions, by 2025. The Zero Net Carbon Action Plan provides a pathway for achieving this goal, with a focus on on-ground action using a proactive and cost-effective methodology.


To reduce carbon emissions, eliminate gas usage and switch to electric power generation in line with the Zero Net Carbon Action Plan, the Council engaged 3E Group to carry out a system design for the centralised Domestic Hot Water (DHW) system at Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre (MARC) located at 626 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley.


3E Group provided the Engineering Design of a new hybrid heating hot water system as a pilot project to modernise Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre (MARC).

3E Group carried out a comprehensive feasibility study of the site’s energy use and recommended technically feasible solutions that included a high-efficiency hybrid hot water plant comprising a condensing boiler and carbon dioxide (CO2) high-temperature heat pump heater.

The system design satisfies the following general requirements in order to comply with relevant standards:

  • Maximum flow rate at a heated water outlet: not more than 9 L/min
  • Maximum velocity in return pipe: 1 m/s
  • Store water temperature not less than 60 ⁰C
  • Return water temperature not less than 55 ⁰C
  • Heated water temperature at fixture outlets not exceeding 45 ⁰C
  • Maximum static pressure at any heated water outlet not exceeding 500kPa
  • Minimum working pressure at the furthermost fixture: not less than 50kPa


The design of this new centralised domestic hot water (DHW) not only complies with relevant standards but also ensures the system is able to meet the current and future hot water demand while enhancing the efficiency by reduced energy and water consumption. With this optimised system design, the Council is able to achieve their carbon targets by eliminating/reducing 1,376 GJ of energy from MARC’s operations.

The system design will support the Council’s ambition to achieve targets outlined in their Zero Net Carbon Action Plan by way of:

  • Reduced carbon emissions by switching from gas to electricity
  • Increased system energy efficiency
  • Enhanced reliability of the system
  • Production and supply of hot water in the system at temperatures that comply with relevant health and safety requirements
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