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net zero solutions clients


Industrial / Manufacturing Case Study: Ecosave Efficiency – Tixana – Energy Efficiency Upgrade

Ecosave assists Tixana to secure $71k grant for energy efficiency projects

In 2013 Ecosave completed an energy efficiency upgrade at Tixana’s main food processing plant at 17 Elizabeth Street, Campsie, New South Wales. Ecosave also assisted Tixana to secure grant funding for energy efficiency projects of $71,000 through the Clean Technology Investment Programme (CTIP).

The company has produced a range of quality foods since 1989, and continues to create unique and innovative products for local and export markets. Tixana is the original commercial tofu manufacturer in Australia and also produces an extensive range of snack foods, traditional tofu & soy milk products, Asian style sauces and gourmet marinades, which they supply to Food Service and Grocery markets nationally and in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Israel.

Tixana has a strong team culture focused on a ‘hands on’ business philosophy’. All staff at Tixana work together to meet objectives and contribute to their success.

The manufacturer had been looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption, and Ecosave worked collaboratively with the management and production teams to achieve this.

Through detailed energy efficiency assessments, Ecosave implemented an energy efficiency solution that has provided Tixana with annual savings of $49,169 and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 192 tonnes per year.

To achieve these savings Ecosave designed and implemented the following energy conservation measures:

  • Refurbishment of HID lighting
  • Light fittings refurbishments and replacements
  • Cool room and freezer optimisation
  • Lighting Voltage Reduction Units (VRUs)
  • Appliance controls
  • Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and control systems
  • Air conditioning system duty cycle controller


We would like to congratulate you and your staff on the successful completion of our Clean Technology Food & Foundries Investment Program Grant. It has been a pleasure working with you [Ecosave]. The project has met all expectations in reducing our Gas and electricity consumption and the implementation of the project equipment and project management was always carried out in a highly professional and satisfactory manner.

Tixana is a very happy to be referred as a very satisfied client of Ecosave.

David Wells – Financial Controller, Tixana