Environmental Management Policy Statement

3E Group is a specialist Energy Services Company (ESCO). Our core business is the implementation of turnkey, end to end, performance-based delivery models to upgrade commercial buildings to reduce energy costs, energy usage and emissions.

At 3E, we believe our corporate responsibilities include minimising resource use and protecting the environment, while delivering high quality energy and resource conservation solutions. We have made a commitment to our stakeholders to remain an industry leader in the constantly evolving field of energy and resource conservation.

3E strives to meet our Environmental objectives by operating an Environmental Management System which is conforming to ISO 14001. This system provides the framework for developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing our objectives to ensure continued improvement.

3E Managers are responsible for fully implementing environmental management procedures and for ensuring any environmental risks are evaluated and managed. They are also responsible for promptly acting on any environmental incidents, concerns or issues they become aware of.

3E Leadership Team are responsible for complying with the company’s Environmental Sustainability standards; Involvement in the development, promotion and implementation of procedures which incorporate environmentally appropriate systems and practices; and Training employees and line managers in the environmental issues relevant to their operation.

3E Employees are responsible for fully participating in company environmental management systems, complying with all company policies procedures and systems of works, reporting incidents and following all regulations and procedures. Every 3E employee, regardless of their position, has the authority to take action to reduce the risk of environmental impact in their work area.

We recognise that all our activities and services can impact the environment. We actively seek to minimise this impact when providing services to clients and also in our day-to-day operations, including:

  • Maintaining relevant policies, procedures, systems and information to support effective environmental practices throughout the company
  • Minimise wherever possible, the production of greenhouse gases (GHGs), air pollutants and ozone depleting substances and promote the use of renewable energy as well as energy saving techniques & approaches
  • Implement environmentally friendly purchasing policies that favour minimal packaging, whole-of-life analysis of products, and maximum durability of goods and minimise, Reuse and Recycle when possible our waste originated from our operations
  • Be sensitive to the environmental constraints on our operations, including heritage values, land use and, sensitivity to shortages in natural resources such as freshwater and ensure compliance with all legislative and other requirements including current industry standards
  • Provision of appropriate Health and Safety Training to all relevant persons
  • Adhere to continuous improvement principle and proactively assess environmental risks for current and new business, new & existing work systems, practices and equipment
  • Provide information and consultation to all employees, suppliers, the local community, contractors and customers that inform them of environmental & sustainability issues relevant to the company’s operations
  • Set realistic and achievable objectives & targets, which will be reviewed by our 3E Leadership Team when new risks are identified and/or within our existing timeframes

3E Pty Ltd will implement and maintain these systems, inclusive of standards, policies and procedures. These standards will be monitored regularly to ensure their integrity and effectiveness to facilitate continuous improvement.

Robin Archibald
Group Managing Director
3E Group
7th April 2022


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