Net Zero Commitment



The 3E Group leadership team is committed to protecting the health and safety of all persons in the workplace including employees, contractors, and visitors. We are also committed to improving our environment and have taken a number of initiatives over our 19 years of operation.

3E Group (formerly Ecosave Australia & NZ) are externally certified to the ISO14001 Environmental Management System standard. As a part of this certification and our long-term vision towards helping clients reduce use of polluting resources, we have made a commitment towards net zero by reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

The commitment

3E Group has made a commitment to be a Net Zero organisation by 2024.

The strategy

3E Group will use our integrated management system (IMS) to record and verify our emissions for scope 1, 2, and 3. These will be measured against our baseline year of 2019 and monitored on a regular basis.

We will meet or exceed science based targets for emission reductions to achieve a 1.5°C climate change. Only unavoidable emissions will be offset by certified means that reduce carbon from the atmosphere.

The challenges

When an organisation is already proactively reducing emissions, the final reductions are more difficult to achieve.

3E Group’s motor vehicle fleet policy ensures our transport emissions are low by purchasing fuel efficient vehicles and increasingly hybrid and electric vehicles. Incorporated as part of our Environmental Policy Statement, 3E Group has adopted sensible measures including safe collection, storage and recycling of waste at our offices and building sites for the protection of natural resources. 3E Group have an objective to recycle all materials from energy efficiency upgrades to make sure no materials go to landfill.

3E Group is proud to have donated one tree seedling for every tonne of CO2 saved throughout our 19-year history. 3E Group has helped reduce thousands of tonnes of CO2 and has donated trees directly to Greening Australia to help reforest parts of Australia to abate CO2 equivalent emissions.

As 3E Group grows we have moved to larger office and warehouse premises in Sydney and Melbourne, and we are expanding into other regions across ANZ. This growth also makes reductions challenging. 3E Group will rise to the challenges and meet our commitment.

Robin Archibald
Group Managing Director
3E Group
24th September 2021