Quality Management Policy Statement

3E Group is a specialist Energy Services Company (ESCO). Our core business is the implementation of turnkey, end to end, performance based delivery models to upgrade commercial buildings to reduce energy costs, energy usage and emissions. With our experience over 20 years, we have developed an enviable reputation in providing holistic end-to-end energy saving solutions with fixed price engagements and guaranteed savings.

3E Group is committed to providing robust, long lasting, quality, fit for purpose quality solutions and ensuring quality controls are embedded in all our business activities. 3E ensures we achieve our quality objectives and targets by operating an ISO Integrated Management System (IMS) incorporating our Quality Management System (QMS) externally certified to ISO 9001:2015. This system provides the framework for developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing our quality objectives and processes to achieve continual improvement.

3E Net Zero Group Pty Ltd (3E Group), employees and contractors have a duty of care and responsibility to provide quality solutions and deliverables. Various roles and responsibilities are defined throughout our IMS process and systems and all employees and contractors are obligated to adhere to these proven procedures and provide feedback to facilitate continuous improvement. Team leaders and the leadership team are responsible for oversight and internal & external audit procedures identify any quality process and system gaps and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

3E leadership team are supported by our Integrated Management System and Quality Management System Committees that govern implementation of continuous improvements and ensure our quality objectives are reviewed quarterly for suitability and effectiveness.

3E demonstrates our commitment to Quality Management by taking all reasonable and practical steps to continually improve our IMS and QMS and through our commitment to our quality objectives and commitments, including:

  • Maintain and resource a company and integrated management system, incorporating quality management, to align with the strategic direction of the company and to comply with ISO 9001:2015
  • Quality procedures to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations
  • Continuously improve on our projects success rates and optimise our project management framework to achieve best practice
  • Eliminate customer complaints and non-conformities where possible to ensure highest customers satisfaction and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations
  • To measure and verify the actual against the projected savings of projects in line with our guaranteed savings commitment
  • Achieve the budgeted costs for all projects
  • Collaborate with our clients, suppliers and business partners and employees’ performance through internal reviews, quality delivered projects and customer feedback
  • Maintain a healthy and friendly work environment that nurtures success, equality and innovation.
  • Provide ongoing training and mentoring for our employees to cope with the market needs and customer expectations and to ensure they have the knowledge to comply with regulations and standards
  • Satisfying customer and applicable regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Continually assess systems and standards and enable continuous improvement
  • Ensure that all staff are aware of their accountability and responsibility within the quality system framework

This quality Policy will be reviewed at least once per annum for suitability and effectiveness.

This policy will be distributed and displayed to ensure all staff and client stakeholders are aware of our commitment to Quality.

3E Group will implement and maintain these systems, inclusive of standards, policies, processes, procedures, templates and guides. These standards will be monitored regularly to ensure their integrity and effectiveness to facilitate continuous improvement. We have made a commitment to our stakeholders to maintain our leadership in the constantly evolving market of energy and resources conservation through our ISO IMS and QMS framework.

Robin Archibald

Group Managing Director
3E Group
20th April 2022


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