Energy as a Service (EaaS)

Accelerating Net Zero through Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)

3E Group offers an innovative partnership and services delivery model – Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) to accelerate your organisation’s Net Zero transition through funded, sustainable solutions.

We partner with you to co-create sustainable, connected and integrated energy infrastructure solutions for business, precincts and territories. EaaS covers a combination of energy, water, waste, infrastructure, services and digital solutions that support Net Zero ambitions.

Energy as a Service (EaaS) is a multi-vertical, integrated solutions model for large user precinct or territory scale (including, and beyond buildings).

EaaS is an outcomes based, customer-centric business model to

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    Preserve Capital for your core operations
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    Combine low-carbon technologies with smart city digital solutions
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    Reduce complexity
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    Integrate energy generation and efficiency solutions
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    Meet Net Zero Goals
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    Solar PV
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    Energy storage systems
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    Green mobility – electric/hydrogen fuel cell
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    Green Hydrogen generation, storage and refueling solutions
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    District Heating and Cooling Systems (DHC)
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    CCTV/traffic management
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    Digital modelling/Twin/Simulation
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    Smart lighting/parking
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    Waste and Water solutions

The 4Ds Transforming the Future of Energy

  • Decarbonisation: Renewable energy, e-Mobility, energy efficiency, new and future fuels, demand side management
  • Decentralisation: Distributed generation, energy storage, microgrids, prosumers, Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), P2P, Vechicle-to-Grid (V2G)
  • Digitalisation: Digital technologies to provide infrastructure  for more flexible, inteligent, connected and responsive energy systems
  • Democratisation:  Shift from central corporate ownership to community owned energy assets supporting local economic and social benefits
Net Zero Journey - Net Zero Roadmap

Net Zero Journey

There is irreversible momentum towards Net Zero emissions due to the fact that Net Zero targets have been established as a global standard by Governments, including Australia; Investors and Boards challenging status quo; and there has been a significant increase in demand from communities for accelrated action on climate change.

As a result, an increasing number of organisations have adopted Net Zero ambitions and started the journey towards Net Zero.

Achieving targets takes time and investment. And not all organisations have the resources and capability to transition towards Net Zero on their own.

Through an Energy as a Service (EaaS) partnership with 3E Group, we can support you at every stage of the journey until your targets have been achieved.

  1. Commit to strategic goals
  2. Establish baseline
  3. Build the roadmap with interim targets
  4. Reduce consumption & emissions
  5. Produce then procure green renewable energy
  6. Measure, Track & Analyse
  7. Balance residual emissions with removals
  8. Verify & Certify

Accelerating Net Zero

In order to accelerate the transition to Net Zero and ensure targets are achieved in a timely and cost-effective way, there needs to be a new mindset and approach when it comes to the procurement pathway or models.

There are distinct disadvantages and handicaps in using ‘old’, traditional procurement methods in an attempt to achieve Net Zero targets.

Achieving Net Zero requires a customer-centric, outcomes-based and intergrated approach with access to capital, capability and expertise – typically not found in traditional procurement models and only through Energy as a Service (EaaS).

Traditional Procurement Models

Traditional Procurement Models

Typically requires
- Upfront capital
- Price focused supplier selection
- Design and construct
- ROI evaluation with short term horizons
- Internal capability & expertise
- Independent project scopes

Energy as a Service (EaaS)

Achieving Net Zero

- Expertise to manage asset performance with continous improvement lens
- Integration of multiple solutions
- Access to capital & investment in solutions
- Evaluating the business risk of delayed or no action
- Longer term view
- Data transparency and reporting

Energy as a Service (EaaS)

Energy as a Service (EaaS) achieves decarbonisation through low-carbon technologies and smart city style digital solutions to support Net Zero ambitions.

EaaS is an outcomes based, customer-centric model to:

  • Monetise and share value created
  • Integrate energy generation, load management and efficiency solutions
  • Increase decentralisation and digitalisation to maximise efficiency and reduce emissions
  • Fund the deployment of assets and services to achieve Net Zero
  • Management of utilities and reporting services for the life of the contract
3E Group Energy as a Service (EaaS)
3E Group's Energy as a Service (EaaS) combines a broad range of technologies

Contextualised Solutions

3E Group’s EaaS solutions are tailored and optimised for the nuances and requirements relevant to your industry / sector.

Funded, integrated outcome-based solutions

Our funding partners enable us to deliver deep emissions reduction through integrated solutions.

The value proposition comprises integration of Infrastructure, Services and Digital where the role of digital solutions is to:

  • Optimise the allocation of CAPEX for Infrastructure
  • Improve the efficiency of Services delivery
3E Group EaaS value integration

The Benefits of Energy as a Service ( EaaS )

Energy as a Service (EaaS) has a number of advantages and benefits over traditional procurement and funding models.

How does EaaS work?

The Energy as a Service (EaaS) model is inherently a holistic parternship approach to achieving your sustainability objectives as we develop, fund, implement, monitor and continuously optimise a broad range of solutions to achieve targeted outcomes per the EaaS agreement.

Experienced Solutions Developer

The EaaS division in 3E Group comprises a team of highly experienced and talented individuals, backed by the capabilities and resources across the 3E Gorup. 3E Group has a strong track record of more than two decades of  developing and implementing proven, fit-for-purpose solutions for large organistions.