20 Years of 3E Group: A Two-Decade Journey Fighting Climate Change & Progressing Towards Net-Zero

Ecosave celebrates its 20 years of passion in helping its clients achieve their Net Zero goals while preserving the environment and the future of our planet.

Founded by Marcelo Rouco in 2002, 3E Group began offering single Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), which consisted of designing and installing lighting upgrade solutions to both private and public organisations. Three years later, 3E Group developed additional ECM competencies to include savings guarantees to its clients. Fast forward two decades, the company is now an award-winner for promoting sustainability and is a provider of end-to-end sustainability solutions across every stage of the project lifecycle. Throughout the two-decade journey, the company has been very particular about achieving its greater mission: fighting climate change and moving towards Net Zero. 

Sharing about the initial years of 3E Group, Rouco said, “At the end of the day, the human race is too short-term-minded. They’re not long-term-minded. So, though our goals are long-term, we have developed our services in a way that motivates people and gives them benefit in the short-term too.” Rouco grew the business and expanded 3E Group’s field of expertise to different fields of energy generation and efficiency. 

Since its establishment, 3E Group continued to refine its performance-based service-delivery value propositions. The increased market demand and the company revenue lead to the expansion into Victoria in mid-2007, with an office location based in Melbourne. The company also obtained its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System registration in 2008. 3E Group is also one of the Energy Efficiency Council’s founding members in 2009.  

3E Group’s current Group Managing Director for Australia & New Zealand, Robin Archibald, mentioned that one of the most important goals of the company is to help its clients — from varied sectors — achieve energy savings and their net zero goals. “Since I joined the company as its Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director in 2012, 3E Group has helped organisations in the government, commercial, and industrial sectors reach their financial and sustainability targets,” he added.  

Over the last 10 years, 3E Group continued to evolve with Archibald at the helm of business operations. Ownership of the Australian and New Zealand operations underwent significant restructuring, establishing a license agreement with 3E Group Holdings Inc. 

From our company’s humble beginnings in the suburbs of Sydney, 3E Group’s fight against climate change helped us grow into an industry-leading Energy Services Company (ESCO) with operations in the United States and New Zealand.

— Robin Archibald, Group MD of Australia & NZ, 3E. 

As 3E Group introduced its new business units and service offerings, the company became a pre-qualified partner to the Queensland Department of Education’s Advancing Clean Energy in Schools (ACES) Program in 2018. More than 290 schools across Southeast and Central Queensland regions were included in the multi-million dollar upgrade program. The company witnessed another evolution when Arman Sarkisian joined as the Chief Operating Officer and established 3E Group Advisory. 

“As the company continues its journey towards sustainability, we are 100% focused on becoming our clients’ partner in delivering results-driven strategies which ensure long-term results – both in environmental and financial terms,” said Sarkisian. He went on to add, “With our aim of growing our network of Net Zero Experts, we acquired Total Power Solutions to expand our services to our clients.”

Despite the challenges brought by the global pandemic, 3E Group won landmark deals and witnessed historical revenue growth. With Tolga Dagli joining 3E Group as Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) Managing Director, the company experienced even further growth with the establishment of new business units and vertical integrations. This helped 3E Group win key contracts and clients. 

Our mission and vision, towards a decarbonised future, is to remove our client’s dependency on polluting resources and support sustainable economic development. By teaching them resource management and energy conservation, we have already helped them gain a significant piece of the energy puzzle.

— Tolga Dagli, MD, EaaS, 3E. 

In the next decade, 3E Group will continue to thrive on excellence through sustainable innovation and being driven and accountable. Thanks to the company’s holistic approach to reducing a business organisation’s environmental impact, 3E Group won the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Award for Promoting Sustainability. This cements its position as a reliable Net Zero partner in realising an organisation’s sustainability potential and being a recognised household name in energy efficiency and sustainability. 

About 3E Group

3E Group is a global independent Energy Services Company (ESCO) with operations in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. With thousands of projects completed over two decades, the company has built a reputation for being the preferred partner for end-to-end sustainability and net zero solutions in Australia.  

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