3E Group Joins NABERS Accelerate Advisory Panel to Transform Environmental Performance in Schools

6 February 2023

We’re pleased to announce that 3E Group is a member of the NABERS Accelerate Advisory Panel.

As part of NABERS’ commitment to meeting the Australian Government’s 2050 Net Zero emissions targets, they’ve been working hard to expand the NABERS rating tool into more building sectors. Their current focus and expansion sectors include developing a rating tool for Schools among others.

NABERS are engaging with industry experts and stakeholders through the NABERS Accelerate program to understand the nuances of the school sector and create accurate benchmarking based on school data and insights from members of the advisory panel.

3E Group has extensive experience in the education sector, particularly in schools. 3E Group has worked with over 400 schools to identify and implement energy efficiency and emission reduction measures, coupled with our expertise in energy monitoring and energy reporting.

We’re thrilled at the opportunity to contribute towards developing NABERS Ratings for schools. It is our hope that our knowledge, expertise and insights within this sector can help NABERS develop robust benchmarks and tools for schools across Australia.”

— Robin Archibald, Group Managing Director, 3E Group

A NABERS rating helps you to accurately measure, understand and communicate the environmental performance of a building while identifying areas for cost savings and future improvements. NABERS ratings for schools will quantify a campus’ energy and water performance, which will give the school campus a rating from one to six stars, based on the energy and water efficiency of central services such as lighting, ventilation and air conditioning.

The NABERS rating can then be used to identify areas for cost savings and building improvements as well as to promote the environmental credentials of each school.

Over the next three years, NABERS is developing tools for additional sectors, including public and private schools and retail and supermarkets.

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