MEDIA RELEASE: 3E Group Receives Funding from Palisade Impact and John Clifford to Accelerate Growth in Net Zero Solutions

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5 July 2022 – MEDIA RELEASE:

3E Group (formerly Ecosave Australia & NZ) – a leading Net Zero solutions provider – has today announced significant investment from Palisade Impact and John Clifford.

3E Group is a leading Net Zero solutions company that partners with organisations to develop and implement cutting edge emissions reduction solutions.  The investment accelerates 3E Group’s ability to fund and implement Net Zero and emissions reduction solutions across various market verticals in the public and private sector. This significant equity injection will enable the leading Net Zero solutions company to assist many organisations achieve their sustainability objectives, as the company scales for growth and capitalises on immediate and long-term market opportunities.

We’re extremely excited about this transaction. We have an even stronger foundation from which to partner with organisations to tackle climate change and achieve net zero ambitions. The strategic investment places us on track to scale for growth by acquiring new engineering talent and to rapidly launch our Energy as a Service offering” said Group Managing Director, Robin Archibald.

Steve Gross, CEO of Palisade Impact said in a statement, “We look to invest in high-growth markets and infrastructure-like businesses that are delivering essential services of the future and create positive impact for people and planet. 3E Group has a strong track record and foundation, and together with the management team, we will look to help deliver growth and build scale through aggregation, bolt-on development and expansion capital“.

As a result of the transaction, a new Board will be established comprising of Robin Archibald, Tolga Dagli, Jeremy Wernert and John Clifford as the company’s new Chairman.

John Clifford, an entrepreneurial Chairman, currently sits on several boards at companies that help achieve net zero emissions, including Virescent Ventures, Relectrify, Gridcognition and the HRL Technology Group.

I am thrilled with the opportunity to provide the management team with the resources needed to scale for growth and to help as many organisations as possible achieve their net zero ambitions.” – John Clifford.

The alignment of core values and investment focus was a key consideration for both parties to proceed with the investment.

The transaction marks a watershed moment in the company’s history. 3E Group recently celebrated its 20th year of operation and with the completion of the transaction, the company is now poised for significant growth over the next 20 years.

The capital injection will help fast track plans to broaden and deepen the company’s capability to implement more sophisticated net zero roadmaps and solutions for customers, fund research and development, form partnerships to integrate emissions reduction solutions that go beyond buildings, and rapidly deploy even more funding and implementation solutions to Australian & NZ customers via our innovative Energy as a Service agreements” said Tolga Dagli, Managing Director EaaS & Executive Director of 3E Group.

We identified 3E Group as an ideal investment target for the Palisade Impact Fund given its size and service offering is closely aligned with our investment focus. There is growing demand in the market for net zero and zero emissions focused solutions, and 3E Group is uniquely positioned for scaled growth that will provide both investment and impact returns for our investors.” – Jeremy Wernert, Chief Investment Officer, Palisade Impact.

Robin Archibald also explained that while John Clifford will preside as the group’s new chairman, there will be no change to company management, with existing management and operational structures to remain in place to maintain the company’s core focus and values.

Our new investors have an extensive portfolio of focused, responsible investments in a range of sustainability technologies and businesses. It was really important to us that our strategic capital came from ethical and responsible investors, from people and businesses that have a strong alignment with our core focus and passion. ” – Robin Archibald

The transaction completed in late June 2022, and over the coming months Ecosave Australia & NZ will transition to a new name ‘3E Group’ and operate under new branding. 3E Group remains committed and passionate about imagineering a sustainable future and accelerating innovative and scalable solutions within organisations that have sustainability goals or net zero ambitions.


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About 3E Group

3E Group is a leading Net Zero solutions company that specialises in designing and implementing cutting edge emissions reduction solutions for private and public sector organisations. The company provides integrated engineering-based services and net zero solutions that are designed to maximise return on investment and accelerate sustainability outcomes towards achieving sustainability and Net Zero objectives. For more information, please visit

About Palisade Impact

Palisade Impact invests in unlisted investments that intentionally target solutions to environmental and social challenges while delivering strong risk-adjusted returns to its clients. Palisade Impact will create positive change to people and planet by investing in next generation infrastructure and infrastructure-like assets and businesses that provide essential services, supporting the future economy.  For more information about Palisade Impact, please visit our website.

About John Clifford

John is an experienced private equity & venture capital investor and Chairman / Director. He has a proven value creation track record across a wide range of industries and situations. This includes IPO’s, public markets, acquisitions, debt and equity fundraising, start-ups, corporate reorganisation, debt restructuring and management team development and change.


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