3E Group works with City of Yarra in Energy Performance Contract

3E Group to save City of Yarra over $300,000 per year

Yarra City Council has appointed 3E Group to implement and manage the largest energy efficiency upgrade of its buildings to date, a $3.4 million Energy Performance Contract (EPC) that will fund the implementation of efficiency measures identified in energy efficiency assessments at 18 of its buildings.

The Council’s building stock is the largest contributor to the organisation’s carbon footprint, accounting for 62% of total greenhouse gas emissions.  The EPC introduces energy efficiency measures that will reduce the combined carbon emissions of those buildings by 45%, saving the Council over $300,000 a year in operational and maintenance costs.

Improvements to the Council’s sites include cogeneration, triple glazing, lighting replacements and refurbishments, sensor installation, boiler replacement, hot water controls, photovoltaic system installation and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) upgrades, refurbishments and controls. Based on current utility prices, the financial outlay by the Council on this project will be recouped through reduced energy bills after 10.9 years.

3E Group is pleased to be implementing a natural gas fired cogeneration system at the Richmond Recreation Centre. This will significantly reduce the CO² emissions associated with the centre’s energy footprint. Robin Archibald, COO 3E Group said, “The cogeneration system will generate cleaner electrical energy for the site. Additionally, the turbine exhaust waste heat will be harnessed to provide thermal energy to the heating hot water (HHW) system, which effectively eliminates the requirement to otherwise generate this thermal energy using a conventional boiler.”

The Council received $411,000 in part funding for this project from the federal Community Energy Efficiency Program that supported local governments and non-profit organisations to improve the energy efficiency and amenity of council facilities.

3E Group has contractually guaranteed to meet the agreed energy reduction targets through the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) Energy Performance Contract model. As such, 3E Group will be liable to pay the difference to the Council should those targets not be met.


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