3E Group Interview Spotlight: David Woodman – 3E Group Efficiency Southern

In an interview with David Woodman (Energy Efficiency Projecty Engineer), we asked him about his previous experiences and how he applied these to his current role at 3E Group.

Describe your role within 3E Group

David: I work as a project engineer in the Efficiency Southern team based in Melbourne. The main projects I have been working on since joining the company have been Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) for a number of councils in the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA). My focus has been to deliver a variety of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and renewable generation measures within the overall EPC program across six councils; I have delivered projects across most of our offerings including solar, lighting, boiler upgrades, PAC unit upgrades, PFC, and Voltage Regulation.

Why did you choose to join 3E Group?

David: I liked the environmental focus of the company; it’s an area that I am very passionate about and have always strived to work in.

What was your first job and what essential lessons did you learn from that experience?

David Woodman: My first engineering job was helping to manage the changeover of around 100 bellows on the high temperature hot water line running around LaTrobe Uni Bundoora campus in Melbourne. The bellows were all in an underground tunnel network around the campus. They were old and had started to crack. They were all lagged in friable asbestos, so the changeover also included removal and replacement of this lagging.

I was initially hired as a casual to count, measure and map out the bellows. I was then hired by the company full time and worked on a rolling 5-year  changeover program. It was a great project, and I learned a lot about diligent record keeping, managing installers and gained a lot of confidence exploring plant networks in large facilities.

What is your expertise and how does that benefit the team and your clients?

David: I have expertise in engineering fundamentals which gives me a sound understanding of the technologies we deliver.
I believe my strongest skills are my people and communication skills. I think this benefits the team by my taking the time to try to teach and learn new things. It benefits the clients, particularly the non-technical clients, by me being able to explain things in an easy-to-understand way. I’d like to think I also foster a friendly and open atmosphere with the team and with clients.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

David: Working with new technologies to deliver energy savings is what I always have wanted to do, and so my greatest professional achievement is doing just that.

Greatest personal achievement?

David: My greatest personal achievement is the close relationships I have with my partner, friends, and family.

From your experience, what are some of the common challenges you see your clients face in relation to achieving their sustainability targets? Now being on board with 3E Group in your role, in what ways are you planning to solve those challenges?

David: I see a lot of personal and financial motivation for sustainability targets with our clients. I think the main challenge is securing funding sources for new projects. However, at 3E Group we have an innovative partnership model to overcome that barrier. In my role personally a lot of the challenges are about the practicalities of doing the installations, but those can overcome easy enough with experience.

Tells us something that’s not listed in your Resume: Hobbies? Passions? Life experiences?

David: I am very passionate about the outdoors and love skiing, mountain bike riding, hiking, and kayaking. The Melbourne team are pretty used to seeing me with various injuries from my weekend activities at this point.

David Woodman is a Project Engineer for 3E Efficiency – Melbourne. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) and Bachelor of Science (Hons.). David has 5 years of experience in the fields of engineering, project management and building auditing/reporting.

As a Project Engineer for 3E Group, David is working on Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) for a range of councils in the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA). In addition, he has been responsible for producing operations manuals and conducted staff training and operational videos when required.

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