3E Group Interview Spotlight: Freeman Jin (Head of 3E Group Engineering)

We interviewed Freeman Jin, Head of 3E Group Engineering, asked him about his team’s specialisation and the most memorable and challenging project his team faced.


Freeman Jin is the Associate Director of 3E Group Engineering. Freeman has 16 years’ engineering consultancy and project management experience in Building and Energy Services sector. Bringing solid knowledge and experience in the engineering field, Freeman currently leads 3E Group’s engineering design function and is responsible for reviewing building services engineering solutions generated by all 3E Group service delivery teams.

Given his experience in project management in the building and energy sectors, Freeman shared his experiences on engineering design solutions for commercial, industrial, and government buildings and sites. 

Below are some of the questions we asked Freeman:

Q: What are the different disciplines of an engineering design? What areas does your team specialise in?  (Read his response)
Q: What was the most challenging engineering design project you delivered and how did your team deliver the expected outcome?  (Read his response)
Q: From an engineering design’s perspective: What is your advice for companies or organisation that want to achieve their sustainability goals?  (Read his response)
Q: Why choose 3E Group Engineering?  (Read his response)


Are there different disciplines of an engineering design? What are these and what areas do your team specialise in?

Freeman: Our team provides performance-oriented building consulting and energy efficiency services, which are the two technical disciplines of engineering design. My team specialises in the following areas of engineering:

  • Mechanical design (HVAC, hydraulic, decentralised generation)
  • Electrical design (lighting, embedded generation and power quality)
  • Solar PV and Energy Storage design
  • Building Automation System design
  • ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design)

3E Group Engineering provides engineering design consultancy and turn-key solutions for clients in the above disciplines and supports the delivery of energy efficiency projects by ensuring best-practice engineering design and application.

As an engineer, what was the most challenging engineering design project you delivered and how did you and your team deliver on expected outcomes?

Freeman: I would say that Harold Holt Swimming Centre Energy Efficiency Upgrades Project, we designed in 2020, was a challenging one. It is one of the most iconic buildings in the City of Stonnington and good project outcomes were expected. Our team leveraged 3E Group’s Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) experience and provided sustainable designs of LED lighting, solar PV, heating plant and new integrated BMS facilities.

Unlike standard building services design processes, we deployed different approaches such as energy analysis, pre-design lighting assessment, solar modelling and energy M&V plan. Our unique approach and proactive stakeholder engagement provided high certainty in achieving the project’s performance and financial objectives.


From an engineering design’s perspective: What is your advice for an organisation/company who want to achieve their sustainability goals?

Freeman: A like-for-like equipment replacement solution is usually simple. However, the most powerful methodology is to identify the root cause of a building’s issue and design holistic solutions to achieve real savings. Facility or sustainability managers must also know how to distinguish genuine solutions from misleading advertisements.

So, they have to be mindful of selecting robust and practical solutions that will provide long term energy savings whilst future-proofing the facility.


Why choose 3E Group Engineering?

Freeman: 3E Group Engineering comprises a team of highly qualified professionals with building services accreditation (CPENG, NER, RBP, RPEQ) and energy services (CEC, NABERS, CMVP).

Backed by 3E Group’s successful experiences in EPC, Design and Construct (D&C), and Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects (GESP), we produce end-to-end design and consulting services to ensure safe, sustainable, and guaranteed project performance.

3E Group has delivered engineering design consultancy and turn-key energy efficiency solutions for NSW Public Works Advisory, Yarra Ranges Shire Council, Knox City Council, Eurobodalla Shire Council, City of Stonnington  – among others.

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Freeman Jin

When it comes to achieving sustainability goals, there shouldn’t be any shortcuts. Engineering-based solutions are essential keys in conserving energy and money. 

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