Advantages of Direct Digital Controls for Tenant Buildouts

In an interior buildout project, building tenants are faced with a myriad of architectural and engineering decisions. One of these is whether to use pneumatic or direct digital controls. Pneumatic controls use compressed air, taking a sensor input and translating that to an actuator output, all via air pressure. Digital controls offer the same functionality but, instead of using compressed air, electrical signals are sent from the sensor to the controller, controlling the actuator.

While the initial cost of DDC is greater than pneumatic controls, there are multiple benefits to consider when determining if the investment will provide adequate value and return on investment. As DDC technology progresses, more integrated solutions are also being developed, utilizing the data available through DDC to provide a more automated and efficient workplace.

Ultimately, each base building or tenant space will need to couple its independent requirements and budget parameters with a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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