How Building Owners Can Fund Their Energy Efficiency Upgrades

We interviewed Arman Sarkisian, 3E Group Chief Operating Officer, and asked him why commercial building operators and owners should consider energy efficiency upgrades.

Arman brings over 16 years of experience, specialising in operational efficiency in building design, management, upgrades, and ongoing performance optimisation. Arman has served clients from diverse industries including government, health, commercial, industrial, retail and education.

Audio Transcript:

In connection with our previous question which is regarding energy saving opportunities for newly built commercial properties, how can building owners fund their energy efficiency upgrades – what advice you can give them on sourcing funds for their sustainability projects.

Q: I’m a building owner and I would like assistance with funding for energy efficiency upgrades: How do we go about the process of funding energy efficiency upgrades?

Answer: I would start first with cost-free consultation. Maybe, we take an hour of your time or stakeholders time, to understand what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Number one is understanding what you’re trying to achieve.
  • How old is your plan? What has been done recently? These are the kinds of questions we ask you in the consultation sessions.
  • Do you have funding? If you don’t have funding, how patiently can you wait for funding to become available?
  • And, what’s your current structure in terms of your maintenance contracts, your operations, etc

Based on these questions, we recommend to you the best solution to move forward.

I’ll give you two examples:

  1. If you are a building owner but you’re interested at high level of achieving energy efficiency, but you don’t know where to start
    I would say let’s start with an advisory consultation, which is usually a cost-effective way of holistically investigating opportunities in your building, and get an itemized list of opportunities, cost it with a payback period. From that, you can say these are the ones I’m interested in: Either you
    1. Fund it yourself, or
    2. Wait until the grant becomes available, or
    3. Speak to us about innovative funding arrangements – such as Energy as a Service Agreements –  depending on the project itself and the value and the existing arrangements of your maintenance contract.

  2. If you are a more involved Building Owner, and say you’ve got an engineering manager who is very specific about what needs to be achieved. You know what needs to be achieved, then you might be after a Guaranteed Energy Saving Proposal; where we say  – you want to upgrade a chiller boiler, lighting, install solar – this what it will cost you, this is the amount of savings we guarantee. 
    Again, comes back to how would you like to fund the project: fund it yourself (if you’ve got the funding) or ask us to fund it for you. We’ve got innovative funding mechanisms, as I mentioned, or maybe we can wait for you until the next grant becomes available, which is usually not a good way to go about it. The most cost-effective ways include: you have ways of funding it or speak to us for funding mechanisms.

For more information about 3E Group’s innovative funding mechanism, please refer links below:

Connect with our solution architects to learn more about 3E Group’s innovative funding mechanisms or assistance with various government grants. Let us help you find cost-effective ways to fund your projects today – Connect with us or give us a call now on 1300 55 77 64 


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