City of Melbourne awards Carlton Baths Heat Pump Detailed Design to 3E Group

Heat Pump Detailed Design for Carlton Baths Awarded to 3E Group by City of Melbourne

City of Melbourne awards Carlton Baths Heat Pump Detailed Design to 3E Group

City of Melbourne recently awarded 3E Group a contract to upgrade gas-fired equipment at Carlton Baths to electric. This includes equipment used to supply hot water, heating and cooling throughout the aquatic and leisure centre. The works are part of City of Melbourne’s Reduction Plan for Council Operations 2021-26, which aims to transition Council operations from fossil fuels by 2030.

Based on 3E Group’s strong aquatic centre and heat pump experience, we submitted a response to the RFT issued by City of Melbourne for the Detailed Design of Carlton Baths Gas Free Operations. Our execution methodology was valued by City of Melbourne and was a key factor in being selected as the successful tenderer.

The scope of work includes:

  • Confirming the heat pump models and sizing.
  • Upgrading the power supply to the site.
  • Addressing structural requirements associated with the heat pump location.
  • Redesigning the building management system for the new heating profile.
  • Considering heritage and acoustic requirements given the close proximity of residential housing.
  • Detailing all aspects of the design via engineering drawings, schematics and specifications to a level suitable for issuing an installation tender.

To learn more about this project or to find out how 3E Group can partner with your organisation to design and implement Heat Pump Systems to Replace Gas Boilers (including other energy efficiency and degasifaction measures) Connect With Us – or Call 1300 557 764


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