3E Group Staff Spotlight: Aaditya Jain – 3E Group Efficiency Northern Region

Aditya Jain Energy Efficiency Engineer Ecosave

In an interview with Aaditya Jain (Energy Efficiency Engineer – Efficiency Northern Region), we asked him about his previous experiences and how he applied these to his current role at 3E Group.

What was your first job and what essential lessons did you learn from that experience?

Aaditya: “My first job was working as a part-time Customer Service Representative at a Metro Gas Station in Randwick, NSW. I worked there during my master’s degree at University of New South Wales, Sydney. This was my first job ever and it taught me a great deal of things, such as Store Management, Customer Management (through quick service and communication), working under pressure (peak hours of day), running sales promotions (to improve store sale – apart from daily fuel sales) & training new employees to manage the same. One of the best outcomes, from my perspective to date, was the enhancement of communication skills.”

Describe your role within 3E Group

Aaditya: “At 3E Group, I am working as an Energy Efficiency Engineer. My role involves performing site energy audits, energy saving calculations, DFS proposals, project management (includes the intricacies of the project, project financials & closing), supporting Project/Regional Managers & fellow colleagues. I am also the HSE Representative for the Northern Region (Brisbane) Office adding another facet to my multi-facet role.”

Why did you choose to join the organisation?

Aaditya: “I decided to join 3E Group Pty Ltd because of the things that this organization brings to the table. Having done a Master of Electrical Engineering, I always wanted to contribute to the world and create an impact to the need of the hour, i.e., increased incorporation of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the world. The vision of 3E Group seamlessly coincided with mine, and hence wasn’t a difficult decision.”

What’s your expertise and how does that benefit the team and clients?

Aaditya: “I want to keep learning and evolving, but to highlight a few aspects in which I am good are, problem-solving capability, honesty & communication. These skills have always helped me gel with my team as well as the clients, because I understand and pick-up on the difficulties and offer the better solution.”

Greatest personal achievement?

Aaditya: “Greatest personal achievement would be that having left the comfort zone of my family and loved ones in India and grinding out in Australia for 5 years has made me a self-contained all-rounded individual.”

From your experience, what are some of the common challenges you see your clients face in relation to achieving their sustainability targets? In the context of your role at 3E Group, how do you solve those challenges?

Aaditya: “I believe it’s still required that people are continuously educated about the importance of energy efficiency and renewables, because it affects how people prioritise their targets. Having now worked with 3E Group for a while, providing services and displaying how implementation of energy efficient solutions really make a difference, can be helpful in overcoming these challenges.”

Tells us something that’s not listed in your Resume: Hobbies? Passions? Life experiences?

Aaditya: “Apart from what is on my resume, I enjoy playing badminton as it keeps me fit and focused. Moreover, I like to travel and cook as all these activities helps me remain at peace and with the environment.”

Aaditya Jain is an Energy Efficiency Engineer based out of 3E Group’s Brisbane office. He holds a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering degree and a Master of Electrical Engineering. Aaditya specialises Solar PV installations and lighting system upgrade and has relevant expertise in energy assessments and Measurement and Verification (M&V).

As 3E Group’s Energy Efficiency Engineer, Aaditya’s core duties include energy audits and technical support, project management, and logistics management. Aaditya is currently supporting 3E Group’s delivery of the Queensland Department of Education Accelerating Clean Energy (ACES) project.


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