Small Business Grants funds projects to reduce power bills in Australian businesses with

The Australian Government are offering Australian businesses an opportunity to apply for a Small Business Grant to fund a range of energy efficiency measures to reduce power bills and greenhouse gas emissions and to increase the uptake of energy efficient technologies.

Eligible businesses can apply to receive from $5,000 up to $20,000 to fund energy audits, energy efficiency upgrades and energy monitoring projects.

The grant is available for a limited time and it’s ‘first in best dressed’ as only three (3) grants will be awarded per Federal Electorate. Learn more and register your interest to receive complimentary grant application support by clicking here

Projects must be aimed at at reducing the energy consumption in your business and have at least $5,000 in eligible expenditure in order to qualify or meet the eligibility criteria.

Are you eligible for the Energy Efficiency Communities Program Small Business Grant?

To qualify for the grant, you must meet the following criteria:

    1. You must have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
    2. Be registered for GST
    3. be one of the following entities
      • company incorporated in Australia
      • a co-operative
      • a partnership
      • a sole trader
    4. have an annual turnover of less than $10 million based on Business Activity Statements from the previous 12 months
    5. have a business premise/facility with a decent amount of energy spend (this is not a strict requirement, but businesses that have a premise and decent energy spend may be looked upon more favourably by grant administrators as there are generally more opportunities to reduce energy consumption)


Only three (3) grant applications will be approved per Federal Electorate – Register Your Interest Now to Maximise Your Chances!



What are the eligible activities or projects for the Energy Efficiency Communities Small Business Grant?

The EECP Small Business Grant is applicable and relevant to the following activities:

  • replacing existing equipment with higher efficiency equipment
  • installing or replacing a component to help an existing system run more efficiently (for example installing a variable speed drive on a pump, or installing automatic controls on energy using equipment, or installing a modulating burner on a boiler)
  • energy audits
  • investment feasibility studies for energy efficiency upgrades
  • monitoring of energy consumption and emissions.

Specific project focus areas in addition to the above activities include:

  • lighting (LED lighting upgrades, lighting sensors and controls)
  • heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC)
  • commercial refrigeration
  • compressed air
  • process heating, cooling and pumping
  • other equipment aimed at reducing energy consumption
  • motors (where not covered by another focus area)
  • business and process automation (where not covered by another focus area).

How to apply for the Small Business Grant?

There is a detailed application form on website that needs to be filled in which requires input from an experienced energy efficiency company to maximise your chances of getting the grant approved.

However, to support Australian businesses during this unprecedented economic times resulting from COVID-19 and to save you time and effort – 3E Group are offering a FREE Grant Assistance Support Package – a complimentary grant application and implementation service.


FREE Grant Assistance Support Package

3E Group is offering eligible businesses – a no-charge support service – where we directly assist you by:

  • Identifying energy efficiency opportunities / energy cost reduction initiatives in your business
  • Assisting with collating all the required information
  • Developing a detailed project scope and details in accordance with Grant Guidelines
  • Managing and submitting the application on your behalf
  • Implementing solutions approved for funding to reduce energy consumption and energy costs
    • 3E Group is highly specialised at implementing energy efficiency solutions, we’ve been doing that for numerous businesses and organisations for more than 18 years.
  • Liaising with Grant Administrators and respond to any enquiries and clarifications


To support businesses during this unprecedented economic times resulting from COVID-19…3E Group is offering a complimentary grant application and implementation service.



Register Now


3E Group does not charge for these services – we use the funds you receive from the Government to implement quality solutions at competitive pricing rates funded by the Energy Efficiency Communities Small Business Grant

Only three (3) grants will be awarded per Federal Electorate – so it’s important to get your application started as soon as possible. Register your interest now and 3E Group will take care of the rest – at no cost!

If your application is not approved, there are no fees or charges for 3E Group’s support.

If your application IS approved, there are no fees or charges – we will use all the funds to implement the eligible solutions.

3E Group can support all types of businesses that are eligible for the small business grant, but the most common types of businesses that are likely to qualify for the grant and benefit from 3E Group’s Free Grant Assistance Package include

  • Cafe’s, Restaurants and Pubs
  • Function centres
  • RSLs
  • Accommodation: Hotels, Motels and Resorts
  • Independently owned entertainment and performing arts venues
  • Gyms, health and wellness studios
  • Private Medical centres, health clinics and hospitals
  • Small-format to large-format shopping centres
  • Office and warehouse combo units
  • Office space (owned or leased)
  • Factories, industrial processing and packaging
  • Warehousing, cold storage
  • Single-level and multi-level commercial buildings
  • Private education and training facilities
  • Business hubs, Co-Op Workspaces and serviced office suite providers
  • Privately owned aquatic centres
  • Transportation, logistics and supply chain facilities

Remember, only businesses that meet the eligibility criteria can apply. And only three (3) grant applications per Federal Electorate will be awarded.

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Free Energy Efficiency Upgrades - Small Business Grant - Energy Efficiency Communities Program

For more details about the Energy Efficiency Community Grants Program click here


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