Advantages of Energy Efficiency Upgrades in Commercial Buildings

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Why Commercial Building Upgrades/energy efficiency upgrades make sense: If you own or manage a large commercial building, it literally pays to be energy efficient and improve its NABERS rating.

Energy efficiency in commercial buildings results from a considered and holistic approach to energy conservation measures (ECMs) and water conservation measures (WCMs). This can be achieved by engaging a specialist energy and water efficiency provider with engineering expertise and experience in implementing commercial building upgrades or energy efficiency upgrades in commercial buildings. 


Advantages of energy efficiency upgrades in commercial buildings

1. For building owners

Commercial building upgrades typically improves its NABERS rating, which has several advantages, including:

  • Justifies higher rents due to improved utility and occupancy comfort of suites/units.
  • Capital growth as a result of improved rental yields/return on investment and NABERS rating.
  • Attractive proposition particularly for government tenants (long term and stable tenants).
  • Adds to the mix of unique selling points (from a leasing and selling perspective).

There are, of course, other significant economic and environmental benefits, including:

  • Lower maintenance costs and operating costs due to upgraded plant, equipment, fittings and fixtures.
  • Commercial building efficiency upgrades typically extends the useful life of plant and equipment.
  • Significantly reduces energy and water bills.
  • Helps achieve owners’ goals or objectives for corporate, social and environmental responsibility.




2. For Property Managers

An energy-efficient commercial building presents the following benefits:

  • Commercial buildings with a higher NABERS rating are typically easier to manage.
  • Increase the volume and value of rent roll as the property/units/spaces tends to attract higher quality, higher-paying tenants.
  • Client retention for property managers, as their clients (landlords/owners), receive benefits stated above.
  • Compelling a value to add proposition for property managers to proffer their clients i.e. by partnering with a performance-based energy efficiency provider to deliver an end-to-end guaranteed energy savings project that will help improve building asset value and return on investment for owners.

3. For tenants in commercial buildings

Locating your business in a space that is energy efficient will:

  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Minimises your exposure to fluctuating energy prices
  • Increase productivity by enhancing your staff’s working environment
  • Help meet objectives related to corporate, social and environmental responsibility goals.


Guaranteed Energy Savings for Commercial Buildings

Commercial building owners and property managers can achieve these benefits and more, through an end-to-end Guaranteed Energy Savings Project™ by 3E group.

An 3E group GESP is typically a ‘whole of building’ upgrade with a holistic approach to energy and water conservation to achieve energy savings. Under the unique GESP model, there is a fixed price proposal/ investment to do the building upgrade and the savings are guaranteed.

All aspects of a guaranteed energy savings project for commercial buildings are taken care of by 3E group, including:

  • Engineering site-assessments
  • Identification of energy and/or water conservation measures
  • Financial modelling, return on investment
  • Fixed price proposal for a statement of works
  • Project management
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Measurement and verification and
  • Delivery of actual savings report(s)
  • Building tuning and analytics
  • Energy management reports and
  • Energy asset maintenance services


Many types of energy conservation measures can be undertaken to significantly improve the operational efficiency and environmental sustainability of a commercial building. There is typically a mix of energy conservation measures implemented as part of a commercial building upgrade project.

Some of the energy conservation measures may include LED Lighting, heating and cooling systems including boiler and chiller system upgrades; building sealing/insulation, voltage power optimisation, embedded or distributed energy generation such as Solar PV, geothermal, co-generation and tri-generation systems; variable speed drives, motors, controls, sensors, energy savings modules, water treatment and pumping systems, and so on.

The benefits of energy savings projects – when properly designed by a performance-based energy efficiency provider – typically outweigh the capital investment and costs of energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

Learn more about 3E group’s Guaranteed Energy Savings Project for Commercial Buildings.  Need expert advice on how to approach energy efficiency in commercial buildings? Book a complimentary consultation with 3E group Advisory today.



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