Extreme Green Buildings E-Book

Sydney 4 April 2023

The Fith Estate, together with Built and 3E Group, launched the Extreme Green Buildings E-Book at an industry event in Sydney.

The E-Book is a comprehensive 130+ page resource for building owners, sustainability managers, portfolio managers, policy makers and all other key stakeholders with a vested interest in accelerating the transition to net zero across the built environment in Australia.

The E-Book has received funding support from the Australian Government and contributions from many industry professionals covering a wide range of topics from Leadership, Materials and Measurement, Commercial, Energy Services, Finance and Residential.

Emma Lucia (Image Right) 3E Group’s Director of Partnerships and Business Development, EaaS) was joined by  Carlos Flores (Image Centre) Director of NABERS and Building Sustainability and Joe Karten (Image Centre-Left): Head of Sustainability and Social Impact at Built for the Expert Q&A Panel facilitated by Managing Editor of The Fifth Estate, Tina Perinotto (Image Left)

They discussed the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the industries connected with the built environment and highlighted the sense of urgency that all stakeholders should place on accelerating the transition to net zero.

“There’s only six summers to go until the 2030 target” and if we are serious about creating a sustainable future we need to quickly convert talk into action.

Among the several topics discussed, Energy as a Service was highlighted as an enabler that can help building owners and asset managers with overcoming financial barriers to implementing neccessary upgrades and retrofits including the scalable delivery and ongoing management of net zero solutions for the built environment.

The E-Book has been published by The Fifth Estate that you can download here.


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