Energy Efficiency Grants, Rebates and Schemes You Should Be Aware Of (September – 2022)

Energy efficiency grants, rebates and schemes update (September 2022)

By passing the legislation recently to cut carbon emissions by 43% (compared to 2005) by 2030 and to reach net zero by 2050, Australia reinstated its strong commitment to decarbonise and fully embrace renewable energy. 

To make this a reality, the Federal and the State Governments have been encourgaing the business sector to become sustainable and energy-efficient. To help the businesses achieve this, the Federal and the State Governments have been introducing multiple grants and incentives.

In this article, let us look at the current government grants and business opportunities you should know nationwide and individually across all states. 


Aside from an updated guide on Leveraging Tax Incentives to Improve Energy Performance, below are some of the grants and opportunities offered by the Federal Government: 

  • ARENA’s Future Fuels Program – An ongoing program that aims to enable the deployment of modern zero-emissions technologies for vehicles. The program’s expansion now includes support for business fleets, public refuelling and charging for both hydrogen and electric vehicles. Interested parties may review program guidelines by visiting this link 
  • ARENA Energy Efficiency Program: ARENA has expanded its funding round to cover Industrial Energy Transformation Studies (IETS) Program. The new program aims to include studies on energy efficiency measures. A funding pool of $43 million, for eligible organisations, will also cover renewable energy technology solutions and energy efficiency.Grants for IETS will be provided in two streams: Stream A – Supporting feasibility studies and Stream B – Supporting engineering studies. Out of a pot of $13 million, eligible applicants will be granted between $100,000 to $500,000 for grants, while engineering studies will be eligible for $250,000 to $5 million grants from a $30 million budget.

New South Wales 

New South Wales (NSW) is currently offering grants and opportunities to help businesses achieve their decarbonisation goals. Some of these ongoing grants are: 

  • Sustainable Water Partner Program – The Rous County Council’s program aims to help businesses save money by reducing their water, sewage, and liquid trade waste, which will positively affect their energy bills. More information and eligibility requirements can be found here 
  • NSW Government’s Electric Vehicle Rebate – NSW wants to encourage its citizens and business owners to purchase electric vehicles (EVs) or fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs). Paired with a stamp duty exemption, the program aims to address the barriers hindering the purchase of EVs and FCEVs. More about the program can be found here
  • Submetering Grants (Energy Savings Scheme) – A new submetering grant aims to help businesses to improve their energy monitoring and metering systems. The first round of funding is available up to the 2nd of December 2022. Click this link to know more about the program and its criteria for eligibility. 


The State of Victoria is currently offering grants and support opportunities for businesses, and these are: 

  • Victorian Energy Upgrades Program (VEU) – Since 2009, the VEU program has helped businesses become more energy efficient through equipment upgrades. Some businesses that leveraged VEU were from the hotel and retail industry, while city councils are also eligible for VEU. For more information about VEU, click here
  • Solar Victoria (For Business) Program – Solar Victoria’s program aims to support Victorian businesses’ transition to renewable energy. The program also helps businesses reduce the upfront cost of installing small-scale solar PVs. For information on qualifications and how to apply, visit Solar Victoria’s website. 


The State of Queensland is offering financial support for businesses that were severely affected by the drought. Drought Relief from Electricity Charges Schemes (DRECS) can provide relief from supply charges brought by using water pumps for irrigation. Further information on DRECS can be accessed through their webpage

South Australia 

One of the programs offered by the South Australia Electric Vehicle Action Plan (SA) is an electric vehicle subsidy package that is designed to encourage businesses to switch to EVs or FCEVs. Grants for building refuelling and charging stations across SA are also available. See here for more details. 

  • Sustainability Incentives Scheme – The Adelaide City Council provides financial incentives to residential homeowners and commercial building operators, to help them improve their energy and water performance. Available grants and rebates can be viewed here.

Australia Capital Territory (ACT) 

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) wants to support the business sector in their journey towards sustainability. To achieve this, ACT has opened grants and opportunities to assist them: 

Business Energy and Water Program – ACT’s program aims to help SMEs in the Territory to use less water and energy to help cut running costs. Eligible enterprises can claim rebates of up to $5,000, which they can use for energy and water efficiency upgrades. Eligibility requirements and application forms can be found here

ACT Next Generation Energy Storage (Next Gen) – Rebates are available for businesses that have solar PVs using battery storage systems and are connected to the main grid. For more information about ACT’s Next Gen program, click here.


The State of Tasmania continues its journey towards the net zero goal by amending the Duties Act of 2001. A Two-year Stamp Duty Waiver for Electric Vehicles (EVs) has been announced. An estimated $2,000 reduction in EV (Electric Vehicle) purchases will encourage Tasmanian businesses to use EVs for their operations. 

Tasmania’s Premiere encourages all interested parties to take advantage of the Stamp Duty Waiver for Electric Vehicles (EVs). Read Premiere’s media release here  

Northern Territory  

Businesses based in the Northern Territory (NT) can benefit from these grants and business support opportunities: 

  • Smarter Business Solutions Program – Eligible businesses in the NT can apply for subsidies of up to 50% for energy-efficiency upgrade costs. In addition to subsidies, businesses can also benefit from advice on modern practices and technologies for sustainability. Requirements for grant eligibility can be found here
  • NT Home and Business Battery Scheme – The scheme is offered to eligible businesses based in NT, and covers the purchase and installation of new batteries and inverters. Battery systems with large, usable capacities, are offered a $450/kWh subsidy, with a $6,000 maximum grant for qualified enterprises. Details about the scheme can be viewed here 

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The article was published on September 26, 2022.


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