How Local Councils Can Utilise Data Analytics to Justify Sustainability Projects

LGAs can justify sustainability projects using data analytics

How ‘Local Councils’ can justify sustainability projects using data analytics

Local Government Areas (LGA) or Local Councils have an important role to play in shaping their operations and communities in which they serve into sustainable, Net Zero precincts. A major enabler of this transition to Net Zero is utilising data analytics to identify and justify opportunities to reduce emissions and improve sustainability profile of the LGA.

LGAs and government agencies will benefit from data analytics and insights in relation to their LGA’s sustainability performance and highlight areas for improvement and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.

So, how can local councils or government agencies utilise big data as actionable intelligence for sustainability projects? Let’s find out.

Gathering the “Right Data” and Information

As the saying goes, “You cannot manage what you do not measure”. In order for Councils to effectively manage their emissions and achieve their Net Zero objectives, there will have to collect, measure and track relevant data and sustainability performance indicators in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

Having the right data and information will help Council Directors and Sustainability Managers plan and create reporting mechanisms for their carbon reduction targets.

Gathering the right data and information is typically a tedious and resource intensive task. Thankfully, there are companies like 3E Group that have a dedicated team to collate various data points and can generate meaningful reports and summaries with the help of world-class data analytics software.

Identify Your Sustainability Journey’s “Starting Point”

You cannot reach your destination if you don’t know where you are.”

Achieving Net Zero targets is next to impossible without establishing a benchmark of current and historical energy usage and activities that have an impact on carbon emissions; It’s also hard to achieve without an understanding of previous / current initiatives or projects that contribute towards energy efficiency and emissions reduction outcomes.

Data analytics and a synthesis of all sustainability initiatives to date can support the process of identifying where your journey’s starting point should be relative to net zero targets.

Partnering with experts who specialise in energy advisory, building and portfolio analytics and energy efficiency is more cost effective and produces better results than taking on this project in-house.

Leverage Data-Driven Insights to Define and Justify Budget Allocation for Minimal Viable Projects

Seeking budget approval can be a struggle, especially within the context of limited resources and competing priorities within a LGA.

Corporations are leveraging insights from energy audits, data analytics and expert engineers to justify investment in sustainability. With comprehensive analysis and categorisation of sites within the portfolio, budget requirements can defined for minimal viable projects (MVP) at one or more representative sites.

Once the MVP has proven to be successful (again, through using data analytics) further budget allocation can be sought for a scalable program of cost effective initiatives across the entire portfolio.

LGAs can adopt this practice of using data analytics to justify the case for investment in a minimal viable project, then leverage the results and lessons learned from the MVP to obtain further funding for an expanded program of initiatives. A successful MVP proven to generate a return on investment and reduce emissions is essential as it will help council directors or sustainability managers to ramp up investment to achieve broader objectives (I.e. Net Zero)

Partnering with a team of energy efficiency and sustainability experts at 3E Group, will give you access to a platform of solutions in data analytics, MVP implementation, project funding, smart building solutions, energy management and carbon reporting. For comprehensive end-to-end solutions tailored to your requirements, connect with 3E Group today.



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