NSW Submetering Grants – First Round Funding Available Until 2 December 2022

NSW Submetering Grants: NSW helps cover cost for businesses to install submetering to measure energy performance and encourage greater energy efficiency…

The NSW Government are now offering two types of grants of up to $20,000 to eligible businesses, to help cover the cost of submeterings.

Overview of the NSW Submetering Grants

1) Development of Detailed / Complex Site Metering and Monitoring Plan Grant

The first grant is for submeter design on sites that have complex energy distribution systems to justify the need for a detailed assessment for metering and monitoring. It is expected by undertaking this design work the site will be in a position once implementation has occurred to better understand its energy usage and therefore take steps to reduce consumption via behavioural changes and energy efficiency measures.

The design of the metering and monitoring plan will cover:

  • A review of the site’s functions and energy use
  • A review of existing energy distribution systems
  • Design of the proposed metering and monitoring system
  • Costed proposals/quotation for the proposed solutions
  • Final metering and monitoring plan report and presentation

This grant forms part of the NSW Government’s supporting businesses to decarbonise initiative with an overall investment of $22 million with a proportion allocated to this specific grant.

Under this grant the NSW Government have completed an EOI process to select partner organisations to deliver the site metering and monitoring plans and 3E Group has been selected as one of those partners.

What funding is available?
  • Maximum funding of up to $15,000 (excluding GST) per site is provided to develop the plan.
  • No co-contribution is required by the business unless the plan value exceeds $15,000.
  • Timelines for completion of this program are still being determined – appliations are expected to open in 2023.

2) Submetering Hardware and Installation Grant

This grant supports NSW businesses to install new submeters and is a good follow on to the first grant. Submeters are different to regular utility meters because they provide data about your equipment performance, which will help you save energy. A small investment in metering can have long-term financial benefits.

It can also help your business take advantage of Energy Savings Scheme incentives and other initiatives which require a minimum level of metering to be in place.

The first round of funding is available until 2 December 2022, or until the budget is exhausted.

What funding is available?
  • The NSW Government has $1.5 million in funding available in Round 1.
  • Grants of up to $20,000 (excluding GST) are available to support the purchase and installation of submeters for measuring energy performance.
  • NSW Government will fund up to 50% of incurred costs in a single payment once your project is complete.
  • All projects must be complete by 30 June 2023.

The earlier you apply, the longer you have to complete your project.

Need end to end support, project scoping, grant application service and submetering installation? Connect with us today

How to apply

Contact 3E Group and we’ll help confirm your eligibility and then work with you to apply for the appropriate grant.

In our experience, these grants are often oversubscribed and available funding depletes well before the closing date, therefore we advise to contact us at the earliest opportunity.

End to end Grant Application Assistance and Project Implementation

3E Group has successfully secured more than $5 million in various grants on behalf of businesses – both large and small. Our team of qualified engineers and sustainability analysts are specialists in developing and implementing complex submetering projects in commercial and industrial settings – and have also assisted many small to medium businesses in various sectors. Our team can even assist with preparing and submitting a grant application on your behalf and develop the scope and design of your submetering project.

For more information and to increase your chances of success in securing this grant, connect with one of our experts in a complimentary consult today


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