Councils Who Are Advanced in Their Sustainability Journey But Looking for What’s Next to Achieve Net Zero

The fight to mitigate the ill effects of climate change isn’t just a global movement: It’s also a local movement. Three decades ago, Local Agenda 21 was launched to promote environmental protection at the local level. World leaders saw that local government councils are essential players in preserving our environment.

“Think globally but act locally” – Robert R.M. Verchick

This is why Local Government Councils must act locally while thinking globally and move forward with their environmental sustainability goals. Australian cities, especially its shires and towns, are at risk of the extreme impacts of climate change, local communities and councils are at the forefront of climate action. hubs for environmental protection.

While most Councils are well advanced in their efforts to decrease their area’s carbon footprint, some are looking to what else they can do to maintain momentum or leap-frog their progress Towards Net Zero – click here to learn about specific strategies.

Challenges of Sustaining Sustainability

Even the most well-thought-out sustainability plans and initiatives are prone to challenges and setbacks. As a sustainability manager, maintaining the momentum of sustainability efforts can be challenging, especially if your Council has already undertaken a number of initiatives. Sometimes, the speed at which you progress towards Net Zero can plateau or stall. Some of these challenges may include the following:

  • You’ve done everything you know is possible yet you’re nowhere near being on track in achieving long term sustainability targets
  • Feel restricted by the lack of resources available in-house to validate or vet a project’s technical requirements or specifications
  • Previous single-technology projects, such as HVAC, LED lighting or solar PV-only, were unsuccessful or the specified outcomes were unclear.
  • You have doubts about whether previous or existing initiatives will generate the outcomes you are expecting
  • Roll out of sustainability initiatives are either inefficient or ineffective
  • Engaging consultants who recommended various solutions which weren’t practical or feasible for the local council’s energy conservation goals.
  • Lack of funds or budget to further invest in critical projects

3E Group understands these challenges faced by sustainability managers and teams in LGAs. Given our experience with being a trusted Energy Savings & Net Zero Partner to dozens of Councils and Government organisations, we offer tailor-made solutions to Councils who are well advanced on their journey but are looking for more sophisticated advice and expertise to ensure they achieve their Net Zero targets.

IF this describes you / your Council, there are potentially more sophisticated measures you can implement in partnership with the Net Zero Experts at 3E Groupclick here to learn more and connect with us today.


Practical Solutions for Councils Looking to Maintain Momentum or Fast-Track Their Progress Towards Net Zero

If you or your Council has implemented a significant amount of sustainability measures, however, you have yet to achieve your targets and looking for more sophisticated advice; or perhaps you’re willing to explore alternative approaches that could generate a much higher return on your investment – then you may want to consider the following solutions.


Embedded Advisory Model

If you have a clear pathway to achieving your sustainability targets, yet lack resources or technical expertise to deliver on same, then you can look to an Embedded Advisory Model to address any underlying gap in resources.

Some Councils engage consulting firms on an ad hoc or project basis, however for sustainable results an embedded advisory model is recommended. Embedded Advisory Model is where a specialist advisor from trusted Net Zero professionals and experts at 3E Group, partners with your Council and works alongside your team to review, validate and improve on sustainability action plans and projects.

Specialist Net Zero and Energy Efficiency consultants can provide you with practical recommendations, based on our real-world experience with implementing projects, and provide the necessary expertise to help deliver your expected targets.

Another added value of an embedded advisory model is that it could help you explore all alternative delivery models or solutions to validate your intended approach to all your projects. An Embedded Advisor will also implement technical project reviews and provide direct support if necessary.

The main takeaway from this type of advisory model is achieving peace of mind, thanks to an independent trusted advisor working in lock-step with your Council to ensure Key Performance Objectives and Targets are met.

Working with an Embedded Advisor will give you access to expertise and specialist resources that are tailored to your requirements and proven to achieve results. To learn more or to request assistance, Connect with 3E Group today. 


Feasibility Studies and Engineering Designs from Expert Engineering Consultants

If you require comprehensive feasibility studies for a particular project or need technical drawings and designs drafted, having a team of sustainability-focused engineering consultants will help you gain clarity on the technical requirements, considerations and impact of each project. In addition, engineering consultants can also validate concepts to ensure that both sustainability and safety are prioritised.

3E Group’s team of expert engineers can help you develop technical drawings and designs for Solar PV, Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic applications – that follow best practice design and optimisation for energy conservation and operational safety. Our engineers can also provide sound advice and feasibility studies in implementing energy efficiency and other Net Zero solutions – learn more or connect with a sustainability focused engineering consultant today.


Measuring and Verifying Planned and Existing Projects

Independent Measurement and Verification is critical to successfully achieving your sustainability goals, as it not only helps you verify the results from a project, but also boosts the credibility of claims of achieving certain outcomes.

M&V methods and processes are used to measure and verify, in a defined, disciplined and transparent way, the energy savings resulting from planned and defined changes to all or parts of the energy infrastructure of a specific facility or a group of specific facilities. The savings are measured and verified without regard to the energy performance of any facility other than the facility at which a Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) is implemented.

Both planned and existing projects need proper, independent measurements and verification. This is why partnering with an independent Measurement & Verification specialist will help you validate the actual savings generated by your project, from a trusted third party.

Using our independent measurement and verification methodology in accordance with International Measurement & Verification Performance Protocols (IPMVP)- all your doubts and uncertainties about your energy saving measures will be eliminated.


Delivering Specialist Projects such as Electrification, Power Quality or Harmonic Analysis

Your journey towards carbon neutrality or Net Zero can be upgraded with more sophisticated engineering techniques and product technologies. 3E Group’s experts can provide advanced strategies to reduce overhead power costs and help fast-track carbon reduction initiatives.

Specialist projects such as degasification (or electrification), Electric Vehicles, harmonic filtering and power factor correction, are modern engineering techniques that are proven to help reduce carbon emissions, improve the reliability of power supply and reduce electricity costs. These are a few examples of some of the many sophisticated strategies that Councils can implement in partnership with a specialist firm like 3E Group.

Explore new techniques and technologies for your Council’s sustainability action plans by connecting with us today


Implement Enterprise-level Monitoring & Control for Interconnected Council Facilities

Controlling and creating overarching enterprise-level monitoring ensures that all council facilities are seamlessly interconnected. In addition, integrating all these solutions ensure that controls over these properties are fully optimised for sustainability.

Aside from having a dedicated and reliable team of experts, 3E Group prides itself with its ability to implement enterprise-level monitoring across different council-operated facilities. Our team utilises current technologies such as Building Management Control Systems (BMCS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to facilitate building interconnectivity. Click here to learn more or register interest here

Recognising The Impact of Waste on a Local Government Area’s Carbon Neutrality Goals

Leaving waste out of your carbon neutrality goals is a definite no-no! To achieve absolute sustainability, your Council’s waste should be accounted for. This includes all types of waste, including electronic or e-waste.

3E Group can also help you develop an effective waste audit system to include in your sustainability reports. Aside from this, using advanced smart sensors and IoT enabled systems will not only help you maintain a clean environment but also reduce operating costs.

Zero debt project funding solutions for Councils

We understand that COVID-19 and the economic recession has placed a huge burden on ratepayers which has in turn impacted Local Councils abililty to fund their sustainabilty ambitions. If there’s a will, there’s always way. At 3E Group, we specialise in project funding solutions through Energy as a Service / Net Zero as Service Agreements. To find out more, register your interest here.

Looking for What’s Next? Let’s Co-Create Your Net Zero Strategy and Take Your Sustainability Journey to The Next Level

You and your LGA are not alone in your journey towards true sustainability. Our dedicated and ever-reliable team of specialists are here to guide and assist you with the right plans and solutions for your energy efficiency goals. Don’t Waste Time or Effort Trying to Figure it Out on Your Own – Partner With the Net Zero Experts and Let’s Co-Create your Net Zero Strategy Today!

Feeling Overwhelmed or Stuck in Your Sustainability Journey - Let's Co-Create Your Net Zero Strategy - Connect with Ecosave


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