Technology Review – Anaerobic Digesters

Technology Review - Anaerobic Digester

Ecosave’s experts review the latest innovations in energy and water efficiency measures, and technologies. This feature focuses on an anaerobic digester, its benefits, and the current users of this type of technology.


What is an Anaerobic Digester? 

An anaerobic digester converts most types of food, biowastes, or plastic waste into heat. It uses combined heating and power technology to turn them into electricity, water, and fertiliser to provide 24/7 renewable power for buildings or work sites.


How does it work? 



  1. Loader: Loads, chops, and mixes various forms of waste. 
  2. Command unit: Contains digestate, pasteurises the fertiliser. 
  3. Digester: Breaks down waste and produces biogas. 
  4. Gasholder: Stores biogas from waste products. 
  5. Outlet: Consumes biogas to produce electricity and heat.


Benefits of using Anaerobic Digester

An estimated 12 million tonnes of organic waste are produced annually in Australia. It forms a significant portion of waste generation, and its excess is sent to landfills. Unfortunately, biodegradation of organics in landfills generate greenhouse gas methane, and produces potentially polluting leachate.

With an anaerobic digester, it can transform biowaste on site and it allows you to: 

  • Generate your own green energy 
  • Reduce waste management cost 
  • Decrease your CO2 footprint  
  • Recover phosphates  
  • Produce your own fertiliser  
  • Sell energy back to the grid 


Who uses an Anaerobic Digester? 

Any business or facility which produces large amounts of food and generate biowaste will benefit from an anaerobic digester. Farms, piggeries, supermarkets, and hotels will find anaerobic digesters useful.

This technology joined Google’s climate change program and shows a lot of potential. It was first developed in North America and Europe. As of writing, Vitoria is the first user of this technology in Australia. Anaerobic digesters have a huge potential in the Australian market.


For a detailed comparison and review of three of the best Anaerobic Digester options in the market, download our Free Technology Review Guide below.


Free Download: Technology Review – Anaerobic Digester

Ecosave has conducted a thorough evaluation of three Anaerobic Digesters available in the market. The Technology Review provides ratings across seven categories, an overall rating, an outline of potential savings, return on investment and the benefits and risks of each Anaerobic Digesters.


You can download this Technology Review by clicking here



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