Technology Review – Solar Glass

3E Group’s experts review the latest innovations in energy, water, and innovations in glass technology. This feature focuses on Solar Glass, its benefits and the current users of this type of technology.


What is Solar Glass? 

Solar Glass is a transparent photovoltaic glass that can be installed on building facades, curtain walls, roofs, canopies, and other architectural applications. It absorbs unwanted heat and radiation and turns them into electricity. This innovation significantly improves a building’s energy efficiency and decreases its carbon footprint.  


How does it work?  

The layered Solar Glass absorbs Infrared (IR) and converts Ultraviolet (UV) into IR. The energy is then redirected to the edge of the glass and harvested through conventional PV solar cells. It is  then converted to electricity which can be used by the building. 

Benefits of using Solar Glass 

  • reduces long term electricity costs through self-obtained energy
  • adds tax credits
  • decrease reliance on fossil fuels by using renewable energy
  • reduces carbon footprint
  • serves as backup power system
  • Can be easily adapted to most buildings – the shape, colour, size and transparency of the glass are all highly flexible.

Who uses Solar Glass? 

Solar Glass has been widely adopted by the world’s leading corporations such as Apple, Coca-Cola, and Samsung. We are confident that the potential market in Australia is promising.  

For a detailed comparison and review of three of the best Solar Glass options in the market, download our Free Technology Review Guide below.

Free Download: Technology Review – Solar Glass

3E group has conducted a thorough evaluation of three Solar Glass available in the market. The Technology Review provides ratings across seven categories, an overall rating, an outline of potential savings, return on investment and the benefits and risks of each Solar Glass.


You can download this Technology Review by clicking here



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