University of Canberra scores high in energy savings

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The University of Canberra has carried-out an energy assessment of its four storey library building and has implemented an energy efficiency programme that is set to save the university $101,700 per year.

3E Group Pty Ltd was contracted to provide energy saving solutions for the facility and worked with the University’s Estate Management team to ensure that the project ran smoothly, with minimal impact on students and University staff.

The total cost of the project was $217,863 and included light-fitting refurbishments, replacements and installation of lighting and appliance controls.

The highlight of this project for the University was that the annual savings were $21,400 greater than those proposed in the initial assessment. This meant that the payback period on the initial investment dropped from 2.7 to 2.1 years.

3E Group completed the majority of the project out of hours and during the semester break when the student numbers on campus were at their lowest.

As part of 3E Group’s commitment to the environment, the energy savings company (ESCO) also donates one native seedling to Greening Australia, for every tonne of CO2 and every 100 kilolitres of water saved. The total CO2 savings of this project were 654 tonnes per year.

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