What is an Energy Efficiency ESCO and how they can save your organisation money and resources

What is an Energy Efficiency ESCO?

An Energy Services Company (ESCO) that specialises in energy efficiency is an Energy Efficiency ESCO.

Energy efficiency is about achieving more while using less energy, by being smart about the energy we use at home, in business and in government.

For business and industry, energy efficiency means increased productivity, lower energy and maintenance costs, increased competitiveness, improved amenity for staff and reduced exposure to fluctuating energy prices.

For households, energy efficiency means lower energy bills, a more comfortable home and doing our bit for the environment.

For governments, energy efficiency means leading by example, prudent management of taxpayer funds, improved energy security and a better environment for all.


What Energy Efficiency ESCO Service Providers do.

Unlocking the potential of energy efficiency, cogeneration and demand management requires specialists that know how to deliver projects while supporting their clients’ core goals.

There are a multitude of ways that an Energy Efficiency ESCO supports businesses, households and governments to use energy more wisely:

  • Identifying energy efficiency opportunities at specific buildings and sites
  • Working with clients to improve facilities, equipment, processes and behaviour
  • Utilising and the most advanced energy efficiency products

How a specialist Energy Efficiency ESCO can help save you money and resources

  • Design a packaged solution of energy conservation measures.
  • Offer fixed fee proposals to ensure no budget blowouts.
  • Integrated end-to-end service offering with a single point of contact.
  • Reduce energy consumption by installing high efficiency energy conserving devices and equipment.
  • Offer guarantees on energy savings.
  • Offer flexible financing options including off-balance sheet financing.
  • Conduct Measurement & Verification (M&V) for assurance of actual versus predicted energy savings.
  • Monitor energy usage through remote monitoring systems and analytics software.
  • Provide remote monitoring service and data driven energy management including: data analytics, reporting, alerts and recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Check, verify and manage utility bills on your behalf.

Ecosave is an Energy Efficiency ESCO that helps its clients by designing and implementing guaranteed energy saving solutions.

Ecosave’s holistic and integrated solutions package of energy efficiency upgrades, typically comprise high efficiency equipment and energy conservation measures including: LED Lighting, Smart Controls, Voltage Optimisation & Regulation, Optimising Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC), onsite and distributed energy generation (Co-Generation, Tri-Generation), Solar PV and energy storage.

Every solution is developed to match clients’ requirements and budget. Ecosave does not own, manufacture or hold exclusive distribution rights to any products. Therefore, you can rely on the independent and unbiased energy advice and technical solutions.

Ecosave is a Government Approved ESCO for Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) services and among the Top Energy Performance Contractor ESCOs in Australia.

Find out more or call 1300 55 77 64 to speak to an energy efficiency consultant.


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