Aquatic & Leisure Centres

Challenges Faced by Aquatic Centres

Aquatic centres are typically large facilities with types of equipment that use a lot of energy. For example, several of these centres use energy-intensive equipment to filter, circulate, and disinfect water to maintain optimal operating temperature and reduce turbidity from dirt and other pollutants. Due to these factors, aquatic centres have generally had difficulty reducing carbon footprint and eventually achieving Net Zero.

Aside from these challenges, other issues like operating costs, equipment breakdowns, maintenance costs, and more have also been major stumbling blocks for aquatic centres. These issues have hampered their sustainability initiatives and have also had a significant dent in their profitability.

Our Tailored Solutions for Aquatic Centres

Our multi-disciplined engineering team are highly-qualified experts with first hand experience in implementing energy saving solutions in Aquatic and Recreational Centres. The 3E Group team comprises Certified Energy Efficiency Leaders/Specialists (CEEL/CEES), Certified Energy Managers (CEM), mechanical engineers, lighting specialists, Pool Plant and HVAC specialists. We combine our in-house expertise with specialist sub-contractors to design and implement custom solutions to meet your requirements.

In our detailed site assessments, we investigate every possible Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) – in every facility and room – that may be realistically implemented in an Aquatic or Sports and Recreational Centre. ECM opportunities will vary from site to site, but some of the common types of ECMs 3E Group has successfully implemented in the past include:

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    Installation and/or reprogramming of Pool pump Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
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    HVAC optimisation, upgrades and controls
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    Turbidity control system optimisation
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    Energy saving modules
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    Overnight baseload reduction
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    Embedded Generation – waste heat recovery and utilisation
    (Co/Tri-generation) and Solar PV
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    LED lighting upgrades
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    Building envelope modifications (double glazing, window films, building sealing etc.)
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    Pool blanket systems
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    BMS installation/upgrades, fine tuning and analytics
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    Building analytics
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    Spa setback control
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    Voltage optimisation systems
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    Pool energy management systems & reporting solutions
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    Power factor correction

Our Experience and Capability

3E Group has extensive experience upgrading and optimising Aquatic Centres to be more energy efficient and more cost-effective to operate and maintain. Over the last decade, 3E Group has worked with 10 different Local Government Councils to implement cutting edge energy efficiency technology and engineering-based designed solutions at more than 16 large Aquatic Centres. Our end-to-end solutions ensure that the sustainability projects are profitable while reducing the carbon footprint simultaneously.

Our Clients
net zero solutions Maroondah City council
net zero solutions Boroondara
net zero solutions Frankston Council
net zero solutions City of Wagga Wagga
Yarra Ranges council
net zero solutions City of Botany Bay
net zero solutions Blue mountains City Council

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