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Challenges faced by Education institutions

The education sector plays a critical role in Australia’s decarbonised future. One of these is educating and training students for “green jobs” and understanding the ill effects of climate change and how they can act upon it. The education sector must reduce their own carbon footprint to lead by example.

Schools, Colleges, TAFEs and Universities– are also faced by different challenges towards sustainability. Some of these include budget constraints for facilities upgrades or energy efficiency projects. Aside from budgeting issues, the education sector also needs to formulate strategies to decarbonise and be in-line with the federal government’s Net Zero 2050 target.

Education Sector Sustainability Solutions

Our tailored solutions for Education providers

3E Group understands the obstacles currently faced by the education sector and its leadership. Our team of Net Zero experts can help leaders of Education institutions across both private and public sectors to implement tailored solutions for their sustainability objectives, allowing them to focus on their core business while demonstrating leadership on addressing climate change.

We provide professional services integrated in projects designed to deliver on sustainability outcomes. Where budget contstraints are concerned, 3E Group offers an innovative funding solution that requires no upfront capital or debt obligations (off-balance sheet). We specialise in implementing a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions across all types of institutions and their facilities, including but not limited to:

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    Boarding Houses & Student Accommodation
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    Classrooms and Hallways
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    Sports Halls and Gymnasiums
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    Lecture Theatres and Halls
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    Outdoor common areas
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    Pools (Indoor and Outdoor)
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    Workshops & Maintenance Sheds

Our experience and capability

We have a strong track record of delivering projects and solutions in the Education sector across Schools, Colleges, TAFEs and Universities.

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Case Studies

Chisholm EPC Transformation

Chisholm Institute EPC

Summary Of ResultsTOTAL PROJECT COST $2.8MELECTRICITY SAVINGS P.A. 1,450 MWHMAINTENANCE SAVINGS P.A. $66,400CO₂ SAVINGS PER YEAR 2,200 TONNESChisholm Institute EPCChisholm Institute of TAFE has Guaranteed Efficiency Performance in 65 buildings…
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University of Canberra

University of Canberra

Summary Of ResultsTOTAL INVESTMENT $217,863ANNUAL SAVINGS $101,700RETURN ON INVESTMENT 47%CO₂ SAVINGS PER YEAR 654 TONNESUniversity of CanberraCase Study: Ecosave Energy Savings Project – University of Canberra University of Canberra awarded with high energy…
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