State Government Agencies and Departments

Challenges faced by State Governments

State government agencies help develop and administer domestic climate change policies. Through these policies, actions can be taken to help reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and meet the country’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. In addition to these policies and action plans: State government agencies are paving the way for a low-emissions future.

However, even state government agencies aren’t spared from challenges connected to sustainability and Net Zero. Some of these obstacles include concrete strategies for future fuels and selecting the best low-emissions technologies for decarbonisation. Aside from these, state government agencies need to implement regulating emissions policies as a long-term strategy for achieving energy efficiency.

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Our tailored solutions for State Government Agencies & Departments

3E Group acknowledges the challenges faced by State Government Agency leaders. We believe that the best way to overcome these sustainability challenges is by partnering with an established ESCO. With our team’s expertise and support, 3E will find end-to-end solutions to address each concern. A logical approach is key to finding the right service delivery models for proper implementation. Energy Performance Contracts between state government agencies and 3E will help a state agency’s project costs. Partnerships will not only help slow down this climate emergency, but it will also hasten their journey towards a Net Zero future.end-to-end solutions for these challenges.

3E Group can tailor energy efficiency solutions for specific types of facilities. We have delivered projects across many different types of State Government departments and agencies, including but not limited to:

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    State-owned Office buildings
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    Parliament House
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    Water Treatment Plants
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    Transport Hubs & Depots
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    Art Galleries
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    State-owned facilities
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    Education institutions and facilities
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    Public Hospitals
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    Public Schools and TAFEs
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    Theatres and Halls
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    State-owned Utilities

Our experience and capability

We have a strong track record of delivering projects and solutions for State Government departments and agencies.

Our Clients
QLD Government
NSW Government
VIC Government
SA Government
ACT Government
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Sydney Opera House
QLD Education
NSW public works advisory
Property NSW
VIC Department of Transport
Fire Rescue NSW
Metropolitan Fire Brigrade
Sustainability Victoria
Ambulance Victoria
Victoria Police
Australian Museum
QLD Health
QLD Ambulance Service
School Infrastructure NSW
NSW office sport recreation
Parks Victoria
QLD department of public works
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NSW Revenue

Case Studies

net zero solutions Australia and New Zealand

Case Study – Fire Rescue Victoria EPC

Achieved SavingsANNUAL ENERGY SAVINGS ($) $220,915ANNUAL ENERGY SAVINGS 1,175 MWhRETURN ON INVESTMENT 13.7%TOTAL ANNUAL GHG SAVINGS 1,563 tonnes3E Delivers Savings at 29 Fire Stations in Fire Rescue Victoria EPC (formerly…
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East Gippsland Water EPC

East Gippsland Water EPC

Summary Of ResultsTOTAL PROJECT SAVINGS (P.A.) $178,903ELECTRICITY SAVINGS (KWH P.A.) 761,844 KWHMAINTENANCE SAVINGS ($ P.A.) $21,081CO₂ SAVINGS PER YEAR 1,006 TONNESEast Gippsland Water EPCEast Gippsland Water (EGW) is a regional water…
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Chisholm EPC Transformation

Chisholm Institute EPC

Summary Of ResultsTOTAL PROJECT COST $2.8MELECTRICITY SAVINGS P.A. 1,450 MWHMAINTENANCE SAVINGS P.A. $66,400CO₂ SAVINGS PER YEAR 2,200 TONNESChisholm Institute EPCChisholm Institute of TAFE has Guaranteed Efficiency Performance in 65 buildings…
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State water case study

State Water

Summary Of ResultsTOTAL INVESTMENT $62,177ANNUAL SAVINGS $13,520RETURN ON INVESTMENT 22%CO2 SAVINGS PER YEAR 54 TONNESState WaterCase Study: Ecosave Energy Savings Project – State Water Corporation State Water makes energy savings throughout NSW State…
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healthcare sustainability solutions

Queensland Health

Summary Of ResultsTOTAL INVESTMENT $285,996ANNUAL SAVINGS $83,868RETURN ON INVESTMENT 29%CO₂ SAVINGS PER YEAR 381 TONNESQueensland HealthCase Study: Ecosave Energy Savings Project – Queensland Health Queensland saves more than just lives in Health…
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