What We Do

We specialise in helping organisations discover and realise their sustainability potential.

End-to-End Sustainability Solutions for Every Stage of the Project Life-Cycle

3E Group (formerly Ecosave Australia & NZ) specialises in helping organisations discover and realise their sustainability potential. Our integrated suite of services and projects are tailored to achieve your sustainability objectives. We can partner with you throughout every stage of the project life cycle.

Our core business is implementing turn-key projects including all aspects of advisory, design, procurement, implementation, measurement & verification, ongoing monitoring and optimisation, and ongoing services and technical support, to ensure long term sustainability success for your organisation.

Our solutions are performance-based and backed by our Savings Guarantee. We leave no stone unturned until your sustainability objectives are met.

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Accelerating Net Zero through Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)

3E Group offers an innovative partnership and services delivery model – Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) to accelerate your organisation’s Net Zero transition through funded, sustainable solutions.

We partner with you to co-create sustainable, connected and integrated energy infrastructure solutions for business, precincts and territories. EaaS covers a combination of energy, water, waste, infrastructure, services and digital solutions that support Net Zero ambitions.

EaaS is an outcomes based, customer-centric business model to

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    Preserve Capital for your core operations
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    Combine low-carbon technologies with smart city digital solutions
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    Reduce complexity
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    Integrate energy generation and efficiency solutions
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    Meet Net Zero Goals
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    Solar PV
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    Energy storage systems
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    Green mobility – electric/hydrogen fuel cell
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    Green Hydrogen generation, storage and refueling solutions
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    District Heating and Cooling Systems (DHC)
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    CCTV/traffic management
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    Digital modelling/Twin/Simulation
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    Smart lighting/parking
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    Waste and Water solutions

Innovation and Expertise

Benefit from our innovation and expertise in a wide range of energy conservation measures and technologies delivered through professional engineering services and solutions.

Solar PV

>99kW LGC projects
<99kW STC projects

Heat Pumps

Air to Water Heat Pump solutions
Water to Water Heat Pump solutions

Mechanical & VSDs

Mechanical Engineering
Variable Speed Drives
Pumping Systems

Building Analytics & Insights

Monitoring & Insights

Energy Storage

LED Lighting

All types of light fittings
Fit-for-purpose design
Adjustable lighting controls

Power Quality Solutions

Power Quality Analysis
Power Factor Correction
Active Harmonic Filters

Energy Management, Carbon Reporting

Monitoring & Insights
Energy Management
Demand Response
Carbon Accounting


Chiller upgrades & replacements
Boiler upgrades & replacements
HVAC optimisation and controls
HVAC upgrades

Smart Building Control Solutions

Building Automation System Upgrades
BMS Optimisation
IoT-enabled integrated control solutions

Building Envelope

Building Sealing
Reflective Heat Paint
Thermal Imaging Analysis

Maintenance & Service

AI-enabled Preventative Maintenance
Asset Management
Warranty Management

Accelerating Your Sustainability Journey

net zero solutions Australia and New Zealand

Build Your Business Case

Demonstrate Return on Investment and gain stakeholder confidence in your sustainability initiatives

Future Proof Buildings

3E Group is committed to creating a sustainable future through cost-effective initiatives.

net zero solutions Australia and New Zealand

Net Zero Roadmaps

Comprehensive and achievable solutions implemented by the Net Zero experts


3E Group partners with organisations operating in a wide range of industries and sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

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