Build Your Business Case

We can help build your business case and maximise your chances of gaining stakeholder support for your sustainability initiatives.

Strengthen your case for investing in sustainability and Net Zero

We get it. We all want to save the world, save the environment and work for a socially conscious organisation. But when it comes to implementing a sustainability initiative, getting stakeholder support can be almost impossible. In fact, even bringing the idea up for some, can feel a little like career suicide.

It’s not your fault. Due to the lack of performance from past sustainability initiatives, CEOs and senior leadership now see sustainability as a costly distraction from their strategic priorities, even though with today’s modern technology and innovations, we can see sustainability providing as much as a 12% to 50% ROI.

3E Group (3E) can partner with you to develop and co-present a robust business case to key stakeholders comprising economically viable solutions and compelling return on investment scenarios – all backed by our proven process and Guaranteed Savings delivery model.

Our team of expert sustainability analysts evaluate all possible energy conservation and generation opportunities for your organisation and develop  detailed cost and savings projections models based on your return on investment criteria.

We propose fixed price sustainable solutions to ensure key stakeholders have confidence in approving budgeted costs for your sustainability initiatives. We pride ourselves in being product-independent in designing fit for purpose – low maintenance – solutions, that achieves maximum cost savings and emissions reduction.

3E Group will help you demonstrate efficacy of sustainability initiatives through  Minimal Viable Pilot Projects. We measure and verify results of pilot projects and leverage learnings to ensure repeatable, portable success across your portfolio. Our approach can strengthen your business case and help gain stakeholder confidence in supporting larger scale investments.

Eliminate any funding concerns or financial barriers by partnering with 3E Group through an Energy-as-a-Service Agreement (EaaS). Our EaaS is an off-balance-sheet service delivery model that integrates a holistic set of solutions across your entire portfolio. The EaaS does not require any upfront capital and is funded by the savings we generate.

3E Group specialises in implementing performance-based delivery models. Our projects are backed by a robust Savings Guarantee which gives your stakeholders confidence that partnering with Ecosave means their sustainability objectives will be achieved. In the unlikely event there’s a shortfall in savings, we’ll perform additional works at no charge or reimburse the difference to ensure savings are achieved.

Investing in Sustainability

Partner with 3E Group to improve your chances of getting stakeholder support for your sustainability initiatives