Net Zero Roadmaps

Comprehensive and achievable Net Zero Roadmap and solutions

Comprehensive and Practical Net Zero Roadmaps

Achieving Net Zero seems at first to be a daunting prospect. However, it all begins (and ends) with a clear strategy and detailed action plan. 3E Group can partner with you to co-create and implement a comprehensive Net Zero Roadmap, tailored to suit your organisation and industry.

Our team of Net Zero experts, combined with our innovative performance-based partnership model Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) can not only design practical sustainability measures but also implement effective net zero solutions. 3E Group’s Savings Guarantee means that you will be assured saving targets are met for each project and that every milestone will be achieved along the Net Zero journey.

Our Net Zero Roadmaps are tailored for each organisation, however they typically include the following components:

Receive expert reviews and feedback on your current sustainability plans and objectives to either validate or recalibrate your trajectory towards net zero.

Our team of expert sustainability analysts will measure and analyse emissions from your facilities and assets, and identify and categories major sources of emissions across your portfolio.

We will work with to determine the timeline of your net zero target as well as the boundaries of what that entails in terms of Scope 1, Scope 2 or Scope 3 emissions.

Once a clear target has been established, we work with you to develop specific objectives and key milestones and establish key performance indicators in which to measure progress against your overall net zero target.

Our team of Net Zero experts conduct a feasibility study on all potential opportunities suitable for your organisation and prioritises measures based on scope, complexity and impact in terms of emissions reduction. From there, solutions are developed and deployed in line with achieving key objectives outlined in the Net Zero Roadmap.

We typically recommend a partnership model via an Energy-as-as-Service Agreement to implement solutions outlined in the Net Zero Roadmap. However, there are several other performance-based delivery and funding options available. We work with you to identify the most optimal model that suits your needs and funding requirements.

You can leverage our sophisticated Software-as-a-Service platform – Ecosave Watch – to monitor and track key performance indicators concerning your Net Zero target and various objectives outlined in the Net Zero Roadmap.

Net Zero Roadmaps

Partner with 3E Group to Co-Create A Net Zero Roadmap for Your Organisation