Ecosave Engineering

Ecosave Engineering specialises in developing detailed mechanical, HVAC electrical drawings and designs and providing best practice engineering consulting solutions including technical
specifications for tender documentation.

The Ecosave Engineering team also provides support to other operational teams within Ecosave to deliver turn-key Solar PV design and installation projects.

State and Local Government organisations have benefited from Ecosave Engineering services including Public Works Advisory and Stonnington City Council.

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What We Offer

Ecosave shares engineering expertise to help with the development and construction of sustainable structures across Australia and beyond. 

  • Building services and engineering consultancy service
  • Energy conservation measure design for energy efficiency¬†
    • Mechanical design
    • Electrical design
    • Lighting design
    • Solar PV system design
    • Hydraulic design
  • Feasibility studies
    • Due diligence & Technical proposal report
  • Documentation including technical specifications and tender schedules for tenders

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